LMG Day 2 - When did Su get such an attitude! (detailed review)

OK...viewing of Day 2 is complete! (once again...super long...thanks to all that read it)
The title of this post is a bit tongue in cheek ...but not really. When I review anything that I am personally invested in and familiar with, I like to find details and key elements that stand out versus previous iterations of the same thing...i.e. previous BM concerts or comparisons to the studio versions of the songs in the concert etc. And in this case, one thing that just kept smacking me in the face was Su's attitude...and I mean that in a good way. There was just something a little extra about her performance both in terms of singing and her overall behavior that I have never seen her do so distinctly. She's always had stage presence and a great command of her voice and we jokingly refer to her as the queen. But in LMG Day 2...she legit projected a vibe like we are all beneath her Fox Goddess Glory and everyone in the audience should feel lucky that they got to be in her arena...and I loved it!!!!
Yet, she didn't lose a single ounce of her charm in the process. She still knew when to slap on a big smile and remind everyone of the silly but talented goofy girl thats easy to route for. She truly does transform into a different version of herself on stage with BM and I think LMG Day 2 was the most impressive transformation she has ever shown.
The Stage I won't say much as I already covered this topic in the first Day review. But I will say that my general opinion of the stage and visual design for this concert was a bit more hit or miss on the second day. There were some moments where I did kind of whish they had a more traditional "metal" stage with theatrical props and displays...but then there several moments in the concert where this stage and the use of the giant screen and lights/lasers were absolutely sensational. So once again, I have to give it a thumbs up overall. Coming into the concert I had seen some images and was very nervous about whether or not I would like it considering how much I like the stage designs that are very different, but Im happy to say it was the right call.
The Setlist Just like day 1, pretty much perfect. Naturally, the majority of the setlist was just going to be disc 2 from the album, so there wasn't much room to add songs in and there are so many to pick from, that was a tough task. I think they nailed it. Karate, Syncopation, Headbanger, and IDZ are all some of their best songs ever and they fit the overall concert perfectly. My only wish is that they had Sis. Anger in there as well. Purely because I'm a big metal head and it's their most raw metal song. But they aren't doing BBM songs currently, so oh well.
Also, I haven't even looked at the run time, but Day 2 felt longer than Day 1. When I watched Day 1, by the time NNB was starting, I was like....damn...already.... But when Arkadia started on Day 2, it felt like there had been a lot more before it. Maybe it was just because they had more songs with extended sections for crowd interaction, plus a kami solo.
The Crowd I mentioned how amazing the crowd was in Day 1...they might have been even better in Day 2. Although, I think the songs had a big part in that.
And I think that does highlight one weakness of Disc 1 of MG. OM is really the only song on the entire first disc that heavily involves the crowd and produces a frantic amount of energy. To a degree, that was by design as the first and second disc are supposed to mirror the light and dark theme with the heavier and faster stuff favoring the latter. But crowd shenanigans are a huge part of what makes BM amazing, so I'd like to see them come up with some ways in the next album to have more crowd interaction regardless of the song type.
The Performance I already talked about Su but I'll go into those thoughts again in more detail on each song. But one thing I'll mention now is the improved nuance in her singing. I may have imagined it but I honestly thought that her voice had kind of struggled a tiny bit in the 2018 tour. Not enough to be bad but it genuinely seemed like she sounded better when she was younger. Maybe that was simply do to her still growing up and changing...but whatever it was....its not a thing anymore. She sounded wonderful and there were all kinds of little moments where she put some extra texture and style into certain words or melodies that really showed how comfortable and experience she is as a proper professional. Mix that in with being all sassy and she really shined...pun intended.
One thing that stood out to me a lot on Day 2 was the precision of the dancing by Moa and the Avengers. Because all but one of these songs are songs that I have seen them perform numerous times, it was a lot easier to focus on the subtlety compared to Day 1 where I was seeing a lot of it for the first time. Moa and Yui have always been excellent but I will say that over the years I have always noticed that they can get a tiny bit out of sync or just be a little less sharp a times....but they were kids and it was always minor when it happened, so it was never a problem. But wow, Moa and all of the Avengers were absolutely on point. This is one of the inherent advantages of their age. Early -thru mid twenties are essentially the physical prime of most humans and I'm sure that plays a role in their dancing. There was just a level of accuracy and unison that was as good as ever.
Props to the Amerikamis. They were very tight. The only time I have seen them in person was at The Forum and they played well there also, but I have heard and seen some stuff from fan cams and comments that they had their ups and downs early on. But you can really tell they are comfortable with the songs now. Plus I think the setlist being a bit heavier definitely suits most of those guys considering their other bands.
Overall Concert Review Production quality is something that BM has absolutely nailed in almost every major concert they have ever put on, and that mostly carries over very well to the DVD/BluRay version of the shows. The team crushed it with this one, it all just looks and sounds so good. In fact, the audio imo sounds significantly better than the album. So much so that it completely changes my opinion and experience with some of the songs...and luckily its for the better in every case. But one that may be the biggest case is the very first song...
ITNO. I have to admit, I was kinda blown away by this experience of this song at this venue. I've never really been a big fan of ITNO. And on the album, I'm still not. I often find myself daydreaming halfway through it. It worked wonderfully at Legend S with all the theatrics associated but ever since then at most of the concerts and especially on the just never accomplished what it was trying to be. It's very clear that the song is supposed to be powerful and kinda brutal...easily the most traditionally "metal" song on all of MG. just had very little ability to get me going and feel any kind of strong energy. It always felt like a failed attempt at a new BMD. Yet....for some really worked great in LMG Day 2. Within seconds of it starting I was like....yeah...this is good shit.... and i honestly think that the mix and audio production is a huge reason why. On this blur ray it felt and sounded was that intense metal cult-like brutal intro that I think it was always trying to be. It really made me wonder how much better it would be on the album if they actually recorded it with real instruments and had someone else mix it so that it punched you in the gut like it did at this show.
Plus, one carryover from 2018 that I loved from the first time was the girls wearing the cloaks and masks with the big staffs (or staves...idk). I kinda preferred the evil samurai helmet things from before but these masks were cool too. That whole vibe and appearance is just metal as fuck. One thing that I have always loved about BM and that was a major factor in sending me down the foxhole is that despite being cute girls and singing songs about all kinds of silly things, and having lots of pop influences...when they wanna do metal...they do it all the way, so much so that there are times when BM are legitimately as brutal as almost any death or black metal band out there. I absolutely love when they get all evil and it makes the kawaii/pop elements all the more sweet as well.
So needless to say, ITNO at this concert was a very pleasant surprise.
Distortion - Once again, Distortion is a song that I enjoy but have never really loved, but like much of this entire album, it works better than ever in the right context and seeing it with that crowd and that stage was like a steroid injection for the song.
I liked how it started with each girl on her own platform and the two tiers on either side of Su. Generally, I want Moa and her sidekick to be near Su as that is the iconic look for BM and suits the dances the best...but its just looked cool in this case they way they started out. Plus I really liked the way that both ITNO and Distortion used a lof of red and black lighting along with flames. It did a good job of setting that heavier dark side tone.
Also...when I say Su had an attitude....that part of this song where the did the extended clapping and woah woah section...thats one of those moments. I loved how it went on for a long time....and for the entire time, Su slapped on this awesome expression of pure superiority and almost bitchiness while barely moving at all aside from slowly spinning her arm and finger around and giving these darting looks around the audience. She seriously looked like some kind of all-powerful and maybe a kinda evil queen that was halfway considering sending the entire crowd to the frog pits simply because she felt like it. I love that she didn't say a word as well...she just motioned and looked, she didn't smile or anything...she was just like..."you know what this it now... peasants." It was amazing. PPY - very much on record of being critical of this song. I will admit that it has grown on me quite a bit, and previous concerts are part of that reason because the choreo is really fun and I do quite enjoy Su's vocals. Yet, i still wish they had done something else instead of F. Hero's part, it just doesn't suit my taste.....BUT.....all of that being said. It's absolutely impossible to not say that this performance and with that crowd all 100% involved and waving their towels was anything short of electric. This song is one of those songs that is practically meant only for live shows, on a scale of 1-10 I give album version like a 6...but at this concert...its like a solid 9. You have to hand it to Koba and crew for understanding how to make stuff that just comes to life at a big concert.
Also...I seriously want to know how much money BM has made exclusively in towel sales because of this song. Talk about genius. I'm also critical of their marketing team a lot but whoever put this idea together needs a raise. I bet they have sold a couple million dollars worth in just towels in 2019 alone.
Karate - there isn't anything to be said about this song that hasn't already been's great, and it goes really well back to back with Kagerou.
On that note, once again...Kagerou is another song on this album that when listening to the studio version, I just like it but don't love it. Yet, in these concerts, it levels up super well. The main riff is really catchy and even though it is more of a rock riff than a metal riff, its still pretty heavy. And the kami solo works super well as a live lead in to the song....which does annoy the hell out of me that the J-Kami's didn't get a solo leading into Yava! Ugghhh....that really pisses me off. Also, I need to actually document it to be sure...but unless I was imagining seemed like the Amerikamis got waaaay more screen time than the Japanese kamis, and thats not counting the solo.
Anyway, some people absolutely love Kagerou. I don't really understand that personally. It's a good song but it's not special imo. I'm not a huge fan of some of the vocal writing (some parts are really good though) and aside from the intro riff...most of the rest of the guitar sections are kinda bland. I can actually play this song on guitar (mostly, I never learned all of it but once you know the first half, you know 90% of the song) and I'm not that good, yet a lot of this song is stuff a total beginner could learn. That's not inherently bad as some all-time classic riffs are quite simple but there are just too many parts of this song that are kinda overly simple musically for my taste. But, I still enjoy it, just not as much as a lot of others do.
BxMxC I loved this song the first time I heard it on the album and similar to stuff on Day 1, it was something I tried extra hard to avoid on any fan cams etc. So it was pretty much a totally fresh viewing as far as concert footage goes...and it did not disappoint. Su had that attitude on full display. Which is really charming to see because we all know how non-gangster Su is in reality. So seeing her absolutely attack the song and really put all of herself into playing a tongue in cheek version of a rapper ....while actually doing an amazingly good job of rapping at the same time. It's a treat to watch. Doing rap when you are not a rapper, especially when there are some elements of satire mixed in can very easily and usually does end up as a big cringe fest....yet, somehow Su and BM just pull this song off so well. There is a big amount of bravery and a little bit of naivety that is required to make something like that work, and that's exactly what defines BM's success. Lots of guts, lots of talent, and a dash of innocence that all come together in such an interesting way and BxMxC is a prime example of it.
Syncopation and Headoban I've already typed too I'll save time here. Two of BM's best songs ever imo and that certainly didn't change here.
Also...I don't know what was going on with the chubby babybones walking around at first...but once they climbed in with the audience doing the "not a cult" bowing...that was fun.
Starlight is the most underrated song on MG. Maybe I'm bias cuz I like bands like Veil of Maya and After the Burial and it sounds similar to something they would write for BM. But I really really like the overall style of this song. I love the bouncy guitar riffs and the harmonized vocals. Plus the connection to Mikio and Yui always makes it special. Only beef with this song is the same I've always had...It needs a beautiful and melodic guitar solo as part of the outro. That would make the song perfect.
Also, I really like the visual intro for Starlight, the lasers shooting out in the wedge shape with the kinda smoke or cloudy look...then the starry night display on the screens. I dig it.
Shine is the most complete song on all of MG. It is so well composed and has everything, it's one of the few songs on the entire album that I wouldn't change a bit of if I had the authority to do so. I honestly don't have much else to say about's just a damn good song.
Arkadia has been a bit strange since it was debuted. I think they are still trying to find the ideal way to use it. In my opinion, the best use of it so far...has been its first use. I was at the first Yokohama show when it was first played as the first song and I loved it. A big part of that reason was that I was a bit nervous about the album because up to that point, I wasn't in love with most of the songs that had been released so far. So I was waiting for something to get me really excited. And at that time, Arkadia was just was I needed. Also, I think it simply works best as an opener. Of course it wasn't going to be an opener for this concert, but I hope in the future, they use it more in that way. Its so high energy, very much like RoR, but it doesn't have that epic build up at the beginning like RoR, so I think it can't serve quite the same purpose. RoR does such an amazing job of wrapping up a show, but I think Arkadia is best served as a hig voltage jump start early in a show. So, I very much enjoyed it in this concert but I'll admit that sandwiched between the beauty and power of Shine and the pure glory of IDZ....thats a tough space to fill. It does it well though.
And finally, the finale. God I love this song. I flip flop a lot on what my favorite BM song is, but I might just have to finally decide that its IDZ. It's just perfect. It has every single element that makes BM great. Once I heard that they closed out the entire event with this song and had both bands with all 5 girls on stage...I legit bought it purely for that.
For whatever reason, I didn't realize until I had it in my hands that this concert was even intended to be as big of a deal as it was/is. I guess I was just not paying attention but I kinda thought it was basically just going to be a slightly different version of the Yoko/Legend M/Forum shows....yet it was so much more than that.
When I try to share BM with people that I think may fall down the fox hole. I usually don't even bother with studio music...I take them straight to one of my favorite concert videos. Usually either Tokyo Dome, Budokan, or Yoko 2015. For me, seeing those shows is the only way to really understand what BABYMETAL is and to really experience what makes them special. And in my opinion, Legend S was the last time that BM did a show that I felt was up to the level that would qualify as something I would want to show to someone to try and induct them into the But even that is one I hesitate on because of the obvious missing element. The shows in 2018 and 2019 are all good and some are better than good but if I'm honest, I wouldn't want anyone to see any of those for their first BM experience, I don't think they offer the best opportunity to truly become a fan.
So, by far the best praise I can give for Legend Metal Galaxy is that I wouldn't hesitate at all to slide either disc into the Bluray player and park a good buddy on my couch to see if I can convert them to become part of The One by using these concerts as their first exposure to BABYMETAL at their best.
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LMG Day 1 - The abstinence was worth it! (detailed review)

I just finished watching Day 1 of LMG in the dark on my big 4k Sony TV with some nice studio Bluetooth headphones... and in short....outstanding!
(warning...this is a long a novel...but I had to put my thoughts down. I tried to make it fun to read, so hopefully, someone actually bothers...not that my opinion really matters)
As the title implies, I bent over backwards to avoid even the tiniest bit of any LMG footage between the BluRay announcement and now. The last BM show I saw was The Forum and so I knew that LMG was going to be quite a different show with a ton of new content. I wanted my first watch of it to be one complete and totally fresh experience...and I am so glad I did. It did not disappoint and I think my avoidance really helped make it feel special.
I have a ton of thoughts about it overall...but the one that stands out the most is how well this show really encapsulates the entire Metal Galaxy journey...both purely as an entertainment entity and as a representation of my perspective and consumption of this portion of BM's existence.
Ultimately everything I love about the current BM and MG was done exceptionally well and met every expectation while the things I've been critical of...pretty much all still are what they are...but they certainly did nothing to make anything worse or irredeemable.
**The Stage:**I was conflicted on the stage even before watching the video. I'm on record as stating that BM is at their best with theatrical stages that use practical and tangible props and presentation. I.E. Yokohama with the giant Fox heads, Budokan essentially performing on a pentagram on their way to kawaii hell, and Legend S in all its dark brooding atmosphere etc.
So a stage that essentially is just a gigantic TV screen the size of a parking lot with practically zero "props" or figures is normally less interesting to me. And to be honest, at first, I didn't love it. It seemed overbearing. It was so massive and so bright that it seemed to drown the band and girls in light....buuuut.....I think part of that was just a matter of getting used to it. Also, I will say that stylistically with the Galaxy theme having a kind of sci-fi vibe plus most of Disc 1 on the album being far more pop much as I love the Iron Maiden Esque metal stage design of old...the highly digital lazer filled spectacle of that gigantic HD screen does fit the mood quite well.
One thing that I never did quite adjust too is the sheer size of the platforms. There was soooo much empty space. So the camera was either really tight on the girls to make sure you could actually see them or it was super wide to show the massive screen in all its glory...which just lost the band in many cases. But there is no real solution to that if you want that amount of real estate, plus, making room for the finale was clearly part of the design.
Overall, that type of stage is not something I want to see permanent but it gets a thumbs up in this case.
**The Setlist:**I don't even need to say was almost perfect for a concert designed to center around MG. I still miss the hell out of BMD but that wouldn't have made sense here.
I do think it was a bit short...for whatever reason, BM is just committed to these short shows. I don't understand it. Old as hell bands like Metallica and Dream Theater play non-stop for like two and a half hours. I see no reason why BM can't play for around 2 hours in these more special one time type shows.
Also, I didn't think I'd miss BBAB that much since I like but don't love the song...but I actually did miss it quite a bit. Especially considering how fast the concert seemed to go by. I really think having that song left off was one of the few objectively disappointing parts.
**The Crowd:**I only mention this topic because of how important they are to a great BM show. I'll never forget watching the crowd in MetRock for the first time and how impressed I was with their presence. I don't know if this one was on that level, but they did their thing.
Plus, this is more of an observation than criticism...but I was a little sad to see that the way the runout part of the stage kinda jutted at an angle did mess with the mosh'sh pits a bit. Especially in RoR. I seriously think that if there was no stage extension in the middle so that the crowd could be one big ocean of people....I think they might have set the record for the biggest circle pit ever. I could totally see the entire center of the venue becoming one giant circle pit if possible. Oh well.
**Performance:**Again...not much to say....the girls and the band nailed it as usual. Su really shined with the new songs.
One thing that stood out a lot was how well the old stuff still worked even in that setting and with their newish look and style. Gimme Choco still absolutely slays and Megitsune will never get old, and Yava! is just such a damn good track. As much as i wish it wasn't true...imo...the first few tracks from MG just don't hold a candle to those classics no matter the context.
I was also still bummed to see that Moa is still lip-syncing a lot of the concert. I'm having trouble telling when she is and isn't now. She definitely wasn't singing for the first few songs. Megitsune was the first song that I was like...oh that's definitely a live mic. It's weird. Supposedly she has some hearing damage from 2019 but I don't understand why that would only affect some songs and not others...especially since most of what she sings solo on songs like DaDaDance are more rhythmic and less melody-based. It's not something where you are gonna blow a note badly. Plus she's performed a lot of the MG songs dozens of times now, so the dancing or memory is not an excuse. Hopefully thats temporary. Preferably remedied with solo songs.
**Overall Concert Review:**As hinted at in the beginning....for me...MG is a case of highs and lows while older BM was almost exclusively highs. But the bright side is that the highs have been as high as ever and in the case of LMG Day 1...the stuff that worked was superb. In fact, I'd say that pretty much everything from Oh Majinai on was one constant super high.
I'm just gonna kinda breeze through the first part of the show.I still don't really care much for Future Metal, its at least cool with the Ghost in the Shell x Magical Girl transformation video, I like that...but otherwise...ehhh.... I don't hate it but a BMD 2.0 would be 9 trillion times better. Then's fun, I like it...but it's like a less fun Iine. Then EG, at least it was the half-Japanese version...but EG is one of if not my least favorite BM song.
At this point...I was actually feeling kinda nervous. I was so looking forward to watching this concert and up to this was just a bigger version of The Forum and none of those first few songs really get me going and I was still kinda taken back by the screen dominating the ...uh...screen. So I was don't disappoint me. But I did remind myself that I did really enjoy The Forum, so I wasn't super worried yet.
Then....Shanti starts....this song for me is like a tasty appetizer. It's not the main course and It's not what I'm there for but it kind gets the part started. Some people freakin love this song. I don't really get that, It's good but not that least to me. Then again...some people would rather have appetizers at a nice restaurant than a 5-star whatev. Shanti isn't a song I get excited about beforehand or think about much after...but it does it's job well. It really started to pick me up and get me ready for the epicness of the rest of the concert. It was also the first time I appreciated the benefit of the mega screen...and how can you not like the choreo in that song.
........speaking of which.....OH! Ma-Ji-Fuckin-AI.....LOL...I fucking love this song. It's so silly and dumb in all the best ways. It's not even a good's just somethin....I don't even know...haha
I still perfectly remember hearing this song for the very first time when the album was released. I had the biggest dumb grin on my face the entire time and I instantly had the exact vision of what it would be like at a big Japanese arena show....this is one of the songs that I avoided spoiling like the black death since there were tons of fan cams during the tour....I had a very specific mental image of what the performance would be like on a big stage and how the crowd would react and I didn't want that image to be tainted until I saw it in proper HD....and they nailed it....Im even chuckling right now. The song is still stupid but it's just so damn fun. AND I LOVE THE DANCING...OMG ....its so adorable....and for those that say that the "older" BM can't be kawaii wrong, that was cute AF. Mikiko murdered that choreo with sugar. I will say, we need a mint-flavored time machine...i can't imagine how adorable that song would be with 15 year old Moi Moi doing it...I'd get diabeetus watching it.
I could go on about Yava! but y'all already know that song is hot lava.
BNDayum....that was incredible. That song has been my second favorite on Disc1 of the album since Day 1, second only to NNB... but for LMG Day stole the show. At least as far as MG specific songs go...
I had caught some whispers about how good it was at this show recently but I was a bit nervous, cuz I had high expectations, and since I already like the song a lot. I wasn't sure it would do much aside from just meet the expectations...but it smoked em dry. Im not even sure what to say, it was perfect. Su and the kami's kilt it of course but the overall production absolutely blasted a grand slam. The design of the video back drop and the silhouettes of the girls and the choreo were so so good. I literally said "wow" to myself when it finished. It was at this point in the concert where the gigantic screen really showed its worth and created an experience that made me realize there was no better option for a stage design for this specific concert.
Also, even though I am a hardcore believer in the OG BM kawaii/brutal hybrid. BND in this venue with that performance was truly something that only this version of BM could pull off. I still don't want future BM to go too far in that direction overall but it's impossible to not appreciate that element of their evolution....just as long as they throw some more death metal and thrash brutality in the next album :)
I'll basically skip over Gimme Choco and Megitsune....I'll just say that they are still as wonderful as they have ever been. They haven't aged a bit imo and still bring a level of intensity that unfortunately I don't think anything in MG matches. Also, those songs were the only moments in the concert that made me miss Yui...that's the only thing that could have made them better.
NNB...honestly, I kinda need to go back and watch this one again. I was still so impressed with BND and then jamming out to the classics that I kinda don't remember it that well. I know I enjoyed it, it's my favorite song on Disc 1, but I was kinda in a daze when I watched it this time. I do remember the use of fire for the first time in the concert, that was a nice touch. I think it's one of those songs that is just really solid all around but didn't really do anything that surprising in the concert, so I just enjoyed it and moved on. I do remember the dancing being really good. I like that Mikiko didn't go overboard with the latin style. It's there but still also very japanese as well. .....Mikiko needs a raise, every single new song had perfect choreo. I will say that the one beef I have with the song on the album is still present needs either a badass solo...or some kind of extended instrumental bridge that brings back the super cool beginning riff. It's one of several songs on MG that I genuinely enjoy but wish it just had that something extra. Felt the same in the concert.
I normally woulnd't say too much about The One or RoR since we've all seen/heard them a billion times....but holy hell....this performance of The One was amazing! Along with OM and BND...the big TV in the back was put to outstanding use for this song. My jaw dropped when they cut to the wide shot with all the mist on the stage and that wall to wall layout of the giant galaxy, it looked so epic and fit both the song and the LMG theme perfectly. I've always loved this song and I actually tend to prefer the original version in almost all cases aside from specifically the Legend S performance. So I was glad they let the band come in instantly. Not much else to was just epic.
Lastly....good ole dagum RoR! ...or Mega Road of Resistance in this case.Again, don't need to say much.... 13 people on stage....and 20 thousand something semi-delirious people spinning around in circles and chanting in unison. How can that not be awesome?Also...the outro with the girls doing the "We are..." while the tag team kamis played all the sweep arpeggios and hit all the drums at the same time for 5 minutes straight was pretty freakin hilarious.
God I can't wait til tomorrow to watch them form Voltron for IDZ!
In summary...watching LMG Day 1 was basically the exact same mix of fun and bewildering emotions as listening to Disc 1 for the first time...just on steroids....and sushi...I ate sushi and drank Ramune while I watched.
P.S. - I don't wannt be too I gotta also add that I'm still super annoyed by the kami disrespect...I miss their solos soooo much and they seriously got like a combined 10 seconds of screen time up until The One. By that I mean, intentional focused kami camera...not just vague shots of them in the back was like..... half a second of Ohmura...then nothing for a while...then half a second of Leda...and I swear there was like 1 close up of Hideki or Boh the whole damn show. I love the kamis and it pisses me off so much how much they are wasted. Even when playing the solos in DDD and BND they didn't show them.
Rant over...concert was dope. Gonna go watch an episode of K'On (aka BM light) and then go to bed.
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Gaijin, Pozhalusta: The BTR-80A Kliver

Gaijin, Pozhalusta: The BTR-80A Kliver
Abstract: A BTR-80 with a remotely-operated weapon module, complete with an autocannon, ATGMs, and thermal imaging systems.
About the BTR-80A: The BTR-80A is an improved version of the baseline BTR-80, which is itself based on the earlier BTR-70. The BTR-80 features a number of improvements over the BTR-70. These include a single diesel engine replacing the twin gasoline engines of the BTR-60/-70 series, improved interior ergonomics, and integral active and passive day/night optics. The BTR-80 can be distinguished from earlier BTR models by its squared-off engine compartment, its six smoke grenade dischargers at the rear of the turret, and the twin exhaust manifolds running parallel to the rear of the vehicle. Early BTR-80s feature the same KPVT 14.5mm and PKT 7.62mm coaxial machine gun armament as the BTR-60/-70, albeit with a redesigned and more ergonomically-sound turret. The BTR-80A, and its product-improved variant, the BTR-82/BTR-82A, retains the PKT but replaces the KPVT for a 30mm 2A72 autocannon. Russia has adopted the upgraded BTR-80A/-82 series as their mainstay 8x8 armored personnel carrier, with the BTR-80A entering service in 1994 and the BTR-82 series entering service in 2009. As with all BTR models, it is amphibious, propelled by pump jets at the rear of the vehicle, and features onboard CBRN protection.
About the Kliver turret: Russian for "cleaver", the Kliver system is a remote-controlled weapon system mounted in place of the legacy KPVT turret. In addition to the BTR series, the turret can also be mounted on the BMP and BMD chassis. It allows for a significant upgrade in firepower at minimal cost, whilst remaining lightweight, compact, and modular. The Kliver turret features a 2A72 30mm autocannon as found on the BTR-80A/-82 series with 350 rounds, along with a coaxial PKT 7.62mm machine gun with 2000 rounds, and 4 9M133 Kornet anti-tank guided missiles in a ready-to-fire configuration; it includes two-plane-stabilization for both the 2A72 and PKT. The Kliver module utilizes the BTR's integral 27V 2kW DC power system and can be mounted with minimal structural modification to the rest of the vehicle. Kliver features improved day/night sights, a laser rangefinder, a gunner thermal imaging system, and advanced ballistics computers. The Kliver turret has full 360 degree traverse and an elevation from -15° to +60°.
In game: The BTR-80A Kliver would be a designated as a light tank, Russia's second Tier VI premium, and the first with thermal imaging systems, something which many have duly noted as lacking on most Russian vehicles. Rather than add another run-of-the-mill MBT, the BTR-80A Kliver would allow for a much more mobile and aggressive play style to similar to that of other premiums like the XM-1 or Leopard 1 L/44, and thanks to its light tank designation, combined with its optics and minimal frontal profile, it would be able to scout well ahead of the main armored thrust, decimating light tanks and IFVs with its autocannon and utilizing the Kornet missiles against high-priority targets. The vehicle lacks almost any armor, however, so its main advantages would be its excellent mobility, hard-hitting firepower, and low profile. In game, I would place it at Rank 6 in the premium line, with a battle rating of 9.3. I envision it as having a fairly high skill celing, similar to other IFVs and light tanks, but in the right hands it would be a lethal weapon and capable of turning the tides of battle in your favor.

Thanks to u/clockworkraider for his continuing support of the Gaijin, Please! series.

See you all on the fields, in the skies, and on the high seas of War Thunder!

Sources (note that these are not exhastive):
Zaloga, Steven J. (1990). Soviet Wheeled Armored Vehicles. Hong Kong: Concord Publications. ISBN 962-361-013-0.
United States Army, Complex Operational Environment and Threat Integration Directorate (CTID), editors (September 2013). BTR-The Universal APC. TRADOC G-2 Intelligence Support Activity (TRISA).
JSC Konstruktorskoe Buro Priborostroeniya (KBP Instrument Bureau TulaMashZavod). “Kliver Multi-Vehicle One-Man Fighting Unit.” YouTube, 20 June 2015,
SPLA-N weapons and equipment, South Kordofan, December 2012 (PDF). HSBA Arms and Ammunition Tracing Desk. Small Arms Survey. February 2013. p. 11. Archived (PDF) from the original on 22 March 2016. Retrieved 28 May 2020.
"ЗАВОД ТУЛА" (PDF) (Press release). ОТКРЫТОЕ АКЦИОНЕРНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО. Archived (PDF) from the original on 16 August 2011. Retrieved 28 May 2020.

The Beast in all its glory.
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Gaijingles please: 2S25 Sprut-SD / Object 952
The 2S25 is based on the chassis of the BMD-3 Infantry fighting vehicle, which is also produced by the Volgograd tractor factory and is in service with the Russian airborne troops. Notable distinctions from the BMD-3 are the armament, the fire control system and the addition of two wheels to each side of the vehicle; which increases the number to seven on each side. The crew is located at the front of the chassis. The turret and ammunition occupies the middle of the vehicle, while the engine-transmission compartment is towards the rear. The driver has a hatch on the front deck; the commander and gunner have hatches on the turret deck. In the stowed position, the commander sits to the right of the driver, while the gunner sits to the left. Each crew member has available built-in roof observant instruments with the day and night channels.

The hull of the 2S25 self-propelled anti-tank gun is composed of welded aluminum armor with a composite skin to maintain a light weight. Through the frontal arc, 40° left and right of the frontal armor provides protection against attack from 23 mm weapons at 500 m (550 yd) and against small arms fire and shell splinters through the remainder of the vehicle. Two banks of three smoke-grenade dispensers are mounted towards the rear on each side of the turret as countermeasures to infrared weapons.
The 2S25 Sprut-SD is equipped with a two-man turret armed with a 125 mm anti-tank gun. The gun is fitted with an autoloader, which ensures the high rate of fire of 6−8 rounds per minute with both conventional projectiles and rounds with guided missiles. It is completely stabilized in the vertical and horizontal planes and conducts fire with the same 125 mm separate case ammunition loadings that are used for the 2A46 smoothbore tank gun. With the fire control system featuring this stabilization of the elevation and azimuth, it also includes a laser rangefinder and a ballistic computer that provides ever-changing data about the target. The two-plane stabilization of the commander's sight is aligned with the laser sight for aiming the 125 mm shells onto the laser rangefinder.

Mass: 18 t
Length: 9.77 m (gun forward)7.08 m (chassis)
Width: 3.15 m
Height: 2.72 m
Crew: 3
Main armament
125 mm 2A75 smoothbore gun
Secondary armament
7.62 mm PKT coaxial machine gun
Engine: 2V-06-2S water cooled diesel engine510 hp (380 kW)
Poweweight: 28.3 hp/tonne (21.1 kW/tonne)
70 km/h (road)45 km/h (off-road)10 km/h (water)
This vehicle would do well right after the Object 685, at a BR of 9.7 (it has the same cannon as the other russian MBTs, and with better mobility, but total lack of armor, this would be balanced in my opinion).
Inb4 i receive hate for asking for yet another russian light vehicle, please don't kill me I'm just slightly disappointed by the current ones
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#Megathread on ASAT missile

This thread is the collection of all the important tweets, posts and comments made by our users.
Link to the Live Thread :

Q. What is ASAT and Why its important?

Anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) are space weapons designed to incapacitate or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes, specially space warfare which is the 4th frontier after Land, Air and Water. India is the 4th country after US, Russia and China to demonstrate this capability.
With Rising China and its space warfare capabilties its important for India to demonstrate such capability.
In September 2006, the Chinese secretly fired a powerful laser weapon to disable the keyhole series of American spy satellites by "blinding" their sensitive surveillance devices and preventing spy photography when they pass over China
Implication of Chinese ASAT capability : Link to Read .
China will use its ASAT capability to targets are the Cartosat and the Technology Experiment Satellite. Pakistan could also benefit from Chinese space technology and this has strategic implications for India. The ASAT test can be expected to pose a challenge to India's C4ISR architecture. India is also striving towards establishing its indigenous GPS network with its satellites placed in the MEO and LEO.

Q. What technology is used?

Q. Why PM Modi made the announcement now?

People questioning the timing of announcement or posturing should remember how world locked us out of NSG.
India's nuclear programme can trace its origins to March 1944 and its three-stage efforts in technology.
We were openly advocating and working on the weapons program in 1964.Bhabha was aggressively lobbying for nuclear weapons and made several speeches on Indian radio.In 1964, Bhabha told the Indian public via Indian radio that "such nuclear weapons are remarkably cheap" and supported his arguments by referring to the economical cost of American nuclear testing program (Plowshare) We had the tech prowess to make it work.
But our first test was done in 1974.It took us 10 years even after having everything ready to make the announcement.
The NSG was founded in response to our tests in May 1974 and first met in November 1975.
It was created to keep India out of world nuclear power order.
They purposly made the distinction between members as NWS (Nuclear Weapon States) ratifers(US,UK,Russia) , acceders(China,France) and NNWS(Non-Nuclear Weapon States) and kept 1st Jan 1967 date to apply this criteria.
China's nuclear weapons tests took place in 1964, and its first hydrogen bomb test occurred in 1967. Now China is a member of NSG and blocking us from getting the membership.
If we had conducted our tests on or before1st Jan 1967 we could have joined the NSG as NWS. It is because we decided to wait and not announce our capabilities we now have to run behind NSG to grant us waivers and accept our membership. But they want us to sign as NNWS.
NNWS have to agree to let go of developing or acquiring nuclear weapons.
All this because we didn't do the test soon enough or didn't announce our capabilities.
What if tomorrow these countries create another club and stop us from going to Moon or Mars ? What if they block creation of anti-sat weapons ?
This is why we have to make a big announcement for our Mars / Moon mission or Anti-sat weapons.
We have to tell the world We were here first!
Understand the context in which this ASAT test has been conducted. It is no different from the NPT/CTBT noose that the incumbents attempted to put round India's neck in the lead up to 1998. A Space NPT has been in the offing & they were trying to parcel India with it.
I have a delicious conspiracy theory to share. Well not quite conspiracy, more like speculation.
Last year India lost contact with a spy satellite around a week after launch, shortly after it confirmed that it had reached the correct orbit.
China has had anti-satellite capabilities for quite some time but they've only demonstrated the use of a kinetic hit on a satellite. This was a major fuckup because it created 3000 pieces of debris dangerous to the other satellites in the area. But there are rumours that they've developed lasers capable of flashing enemy satellites to fry their electronics to disable them.
The launch of the next Indian spy satellite of the series was initially scheduled for November 2018 but then got pushed to December and now April 2019.
What if China had destroyed the previous satellite? Then the deterrence message is directed at China, that hey fuckheads don't try this again. That would also mean that India delayed the launch of the next satellite till the anti-satellite deterrence had been established.

Q. Why PM Modi has to announce this test instead of DRDO or ISRO?

  • The importance of this missile test is similar to that of the Pokhran missile tests.
  • PM is the minister responsible for Dept. of Space (thats why even MOM was announced by him)
  • India has to give assurance that they are not going to use this missile as an incentive to attack another country, instead it will be used as a deterence, and who better to give this assurance then the de-facto head of this country

Q. Does the test create space debris?

Pictures of ASAT

Reactions from other countries :

US Reaction. compiled by u/Bernard_Woolley
To a question, the spokesperson also said that as part of "our strong strategic partnership with India, we will continue to pursue shared interests in space and scientific and technical cooperation, including collaboration on safety and security in space.”
However, the spokesperson, expressed concern over the issue of space debris.
“The issue of space debris is an important concern for the US government. We took note of Indian government statements that the test was designed to address space debris issues,” the spokesperson said.
China Reaction
The Chinese Foreign Ministry, in a written response to a question on India successfully test-firing an anti-satellite missile, said: "We have noticed reports and hope that each country will uphold peace and tranquillity in outer space".
Pakistan Reaction
Pakistan has reportedly said space is the "common heritage of mankind and every nation has the responsibility to avoid actions which can lead to the militarisation of this arena". The neighbouring nation appealed to the international community to condemn India's action and strengthen international laws regarding the militarisation of space.
"We hope that countries which have in the past strongly condemned demonstration of similar capabilities by others will be prepared to work towards developing international instruments to prevent military threats relating to outer space," India Today quoted a Pakistan government spokesperson as saying.
Foreign Office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said: “Boasting of such capabilities (to destroy satellite) is reminiscent of Don Quixote's tilting against windmills,"
Edit: added rocket details/added reaction of foreign media
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Secondhand Sound - Complete Discography

Old Singles
Words To Make You Stay EP (2019) Link
  1. Words
  2. To Make You Stay
  3. No Good For Me
  4. Until I Leave
  5. Weight
Burnout EP (2020) Link
New Songs
Upcoming songs
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A Comprehensive Defense of Trans People

Credit to DGunner for some sources and inspiration for the title. I scoured hundreds of reddit posts, blog posts and news articles to get all this information.
I've been collecting dozens of scientific research and news articles on trans people for some time now, but I just realized that it was selfish to not share this research with others. All credit to the scientists!
I'm going to be using the terminology GCS (gender confirming surgery) for the post. Common synonyms are SRS, GRS. A warning that many of the studies use the terminology 'transsexual'.

Why Trans People Are Suicidal/Depressed: Society

  1. Being validated with the correct name, pronouns and documentation is associated with drops in suicide/depression [1] [2] [17] and delegitimization is associated with rises in suicide [9] [19]
  2. Friend, social and familial support is associated with drastic reductions in suicidal ideation and depression [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [17] [18]
  3. Gender-based violence is a factor that contributes to suicide [7] [10] [11]
  4. Internalized transphobia is sometimes a factor that contributes or leads to suicide [12]
  5. And seeking religious treatment is not effective, and actually increases the rate of suicide [13]
  6. Discrimination is generally linked with higher suicide rates [8] [17] [18], and can cause mental disorders [14], which are further connected to suicide [15]
  7. The kicker: After controlling for minority stress (discrimination) and access to healthcare (a proxy for poverty, and a measure of the ability to transition), trans people have a mental health quality of life similar to that of the general population [16]
[1] When trans youth are allowed to use their actual name, depression and suicide drops [2] Having a supportive family reduced suicide rates by 57% and access to legal documentation reflecting ones gender reduces suicide rate by 44% [3] Parental support is associated with a 93% reduction in suicide attempts [4] The ability to transition, along with family and social acceptance, are the largest factors reducing suicide risk among trans people. [5] Social support is a suicide protective factor [6] Familial support is associated with a better psychological and overall quality of life, and support from friends is associated with ab better quality of life in all other aspects [7] Individuals targeted on the basis gender have the highest risk for attempting suicide, Being physically attacked is associated with suicidal ideation and behavior. [8] Homelessness, lower income, discrimination, violence, lack of treatment (all of which have higher prevelancy among trans ppl) are contributing factors to suicide [9] Restricing teens to the bathroom of their assigned sex increases suicide rates [10] Gender-based victimization of transgender individuals is associated with suicide [11] Gender-related abuse is a significant psychiatric health problem that affects the suicide rate [12] Internalized transphobia is a factor in some suicides [13] Seeking religious/spiritual treatment increases likelihood of committing suicide [14] Discrimination as a cause of PTSD [15] The connection between PTSD and suicide [16] After controlling for minority stress and medical care, trans people have similar QOL (including mental health) [17] Social support, reduced transphobia & discrimination, having personal identification with the correct name and pronouns, and transitioning all significantly reduce suicide rates [18] A literature review that finds considerable support for the idea that social support reduces suicide and discrimination increases it among trans individuals [19] College transgender students are at a higher risk for suicide and suicide attempts when they are denied access to bathrooms and gender-appropiate housing

The Benefits of Transition - Debunking Some Myths

The scientific consensus is clear. Transitioning is the only scientifically-supported method of ameliorating gender dysphoria. (I'll be lumping together HRT, SRS and other treatments for this, but if anyone has any problems or wants me to, I can attempt to separate them). This is not to say that any one surgery is going to solve all of your problems, because as shown above, society has a significant impact on the well-being of transgender individuals.
I'll go into detail about the misinterpreted studies in a minute.
  1. Transition is associated with lower suicide ideation, attempts and rates [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  2. Transition is associated with a lower rate of depression [7] [8] [9] [10]
  3. Transition is associated with improved anxiety, stress and distress levels [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]
  4. Transition is associated with a higher quality of life [9] [15] [16] [17] [18]
  5. Individuals undergoing transition are satisfied with their results
  6. The regret rate of various transition procedures is very low [20] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [37], ranging from 0% [24] to 0.6% [25] [26] to 2.2% [23], and has been decreasing with time [23] and are similar to that of other common surgeries [35]
  7. Undergoing transition increases sex satisfaction [37] [38] [39] [40] [41]
  8. Transition increases general mental health, reduces psychopathology and psychiatric disorders and symptoms [10] [13] [16] [21] [32] [36]
  9. Transition is safe and has little long-term side effects [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] This review summarizes the benefits of transition from the research
[1] Transition vastly reduces risks of suicide attempts, and the farther along in transition someone is the lower that risk gets. [2] Survey found that 70% were more satisfied after transition, 74% had better mental health, 63% had decreased self harming, and 63% had less suicidal ideation [3] Rate of suicide attempts dropped dramatically from 29.3 percent to 5.1 percent after receiving medical and surgical treatment among Dutch patients treated from 1986-2001. [4] “In a cross-sectional study of 141 transgender patients, Kuiper and Cohen-Kittenis found that after medical intervention and treatments, suicide fell from 19 percent to zero percent in transgender men and from 24 percent to 6 percent in transgender women.” Additionally, none of the patients regretted their decision to undergo GCS [5] A 2013 study of 433 trans people in Canada found that 27% of those who hadn’t begun transitioning had attempted suicide in the past year, but this dropped to 1% for those who were finished transitioning. [6] Studies show that there is ...a little more than 1% of suicides among operated subjects. The empirical research does not confirm the opinion that suicide is strongly associated with surgical transformation [7] Hormone treatment decreases depression by 10x [8] Most individuals had average scores on mood, satisfaction, depression and anxiety tests in a hostile environment after SRS [9] The research shows that hormone therapy reduces depression and anxiety to normal ranges, and is associated with a significant increase in the quality of life [10] Treated patients have less stress, anxiety, depression, psychological symptoms, etc [11] CHT decreases anxiety, depression and distress [12] CHT is an effective treatment for anxiety problems [13] SCL-90 scores (a test that measures anxiety, distress and hostility) resembled that of the general population after the initiation of hormone therapy [14] Transition is associated with a drop in stress levels, reaching stress levels within normal values [15] Hormonal therapy was significantly associated with a higher quality of life [16] Gender-affirming hormone therapy is a safe and effective way to improve quality of life and mental health outcomes for transgender adolescents [17] Undergoing CHT increased quality of life for all transgender people [18] Transition is associated with an increased quality of life and a high satisfaction rate [19] Satisfaction is 97% among trans men and 87% among trans women for gender confirming surgery in the 1990s before the advancement of the procedure [20] Trans individuals were overwhelmingly happy with their GCS results, said that GCS greatly improved the quality of their lives. None reported outright regret, and only a few expressed occasional regret [21] Patients had fewer psychological problems and interpersonal difficulties and a increased life satisfaction [22] Transition is successful at increasing body satisfaction and improving body image, which may alleviate eating disorders [23] Regret was about 2.2% and there was a significant decline of regrets over the time period. [24] More than 90% were satisfied, and no one reported regret after GCS [25] Only 0.6% of transwomen and 0.3% of transmen who underwent gonadectomy were identified as experiencing regret. [26] Out of 162 trans adults, only one reported that she would choose not to transition again, and another had some regrets but would choose to transition again, which yields a 0.6% regret rate [27] Out of 62 trans people who had undergone surgery, one woman said she occasionally regretted it, and continued to live as a woman [28] A study of 50 trans women who had received genital reconstruction found that only two felt regret sometimes [29] None were consistently regretful, and 6% felt regret sometimes [30] Studies show that there is less than 1% of regrets [31] None of the patients regretted their surgery [32] 1.6% of patients regretted their surgery and patients improved on 13 out of 14 mental health indicators [33] None of the patients experienced doubts about undergoing surgery [34] Among female-to-male transsexuals after SRS, i.e., in men, no regrets were reported in the author's sample, and in the literature they amount to less than 1%. Among male-to- female transsexuals after SRS, i.e., in women, regrets are reported in 1-1.5% [35] Regret rates are similar to/better than that of gastric bypass/banding surgery [36] A review of the literature: levels of psychopathology and psychiatric disorders improve with medical intervention and often reach normative values. Schizophrenia and bipolar have prevalences equal to that of the general population. [37] Trans men experience a better sex life after SRS and do not regret the surgery [38] Seventy-five percent had a more satisfactory sex life after SRS, with main complications being pain during intercourse and lack of lubrication. [39] "Sexual experience was considered to have improved by 83.3% of the patients, and became more frequent for 64.7% of the patients." [40] 80% report improvement in sexuality [41] "Based on the available literature, transsexuals appear to have adequate sexual functioning and/or high rates of sexual satisfaction following SRS" [42] Finds that there are little to no long-term side effects of transitioning [43] Transgender men did not experience important side effects such as cardiovascular events, hormone-related cancers, or osteoporosis [44] Hormone therapy is safe with medical supervision. There was no increase in mortality or cancer prevalance [45] The only side effect of hormone therapy is current ethinyl estradiol use (which is not commonly used anymore), causing an increase in cardiovascular risk of death [46] Mortality was not different from the general population and observed mortality was not linked with hormone therapy
The most common study I’ve seen cited about transitioning is the Williams Institute suicide report: The most common claim drawn from this report is that ‘transitioning increases suicide’. This is not only contradicted by all of the other research, but not supported by the report itself:
Table 5 is on page 8. It has lifetime suicide rates for people who don't want, want or have had each transition-related procedure. For example, the lifetime suicide rate for people who do not want counseling is 29%, people who want is 39% and have had it is 44%. The most important thing to note is that this is the LIFETIME SUICIDE RATE. This means that a trans person who attempts suicide previous to their transition still counts after they transitioned. So, this absolutely does not support the claim that the suicide rate increases after transition. Here is a plausible explanation for why the lifetime suicide rate is higher for those who transition: the people who have the worst gender dysphoria, the most depression (and thus suicide) before transitioning are going to be more focused on transitioning as fast as possible. People who have milder gender dysphoria can afford to wait longer. People who have transitioned are also likely older, meaning they have a longer expanse of life to go through; more suicide attempts.
Another possible (similar) explanation is given in the report itself:
Significantly higher prevalence of lifetime suicide attempts was found among respondents who were classified as trans women (MTF) and trans men (FTM), based on their primary self-identifications. Since trans women and trans men are the groups within the overall transgender population most likely to need surgical care for transition, this may help to explain the high prevalence of lifetime suicide attempts we found among respondents who said they have had transition-related surgical procedures, compared to those who said they did not want transition-related surgery. Comparably high, or higher, prevalence of suicide attempts were found among respondents who said that they someday wanted FTM genital surgery, hysterectomy, or phalloplasty, suggesting that desiring transition-related health care services and procedures but not yet having them may exacerbate respondents’ distress at the incongruence between their gender identity and physical appearance. It is also possible that elevated prevalence of lifetime suicide attempts may be due to distress related to barriers to obtaining transitionrelated health care, such as a lack of insurance coverage, inability to afford the procedures, or lack of access to providers.
They even clarify that one can't draw that conclusion from the report:
As has been noted, the NTDS instrument did not include questions about the timing of suicide attempts relative to transition, and thus we were unable to determine whether suicidal behavior is significantly reduced following transition-related surgeries, as some clinical studies have suggested (Dixen et al., 1984; De Cuypere et al., 2006).
They later state that more research is necessary on the timing of suicide increases and decreases
First, more research is needed into the timing of suicide attempts in relation to age and gender transition status. In regard to timing of suicide attempts and gender transition, some surveys and clinical studies have found that transgender people are at an elevated risk for suicide attempt during gender transition, while rates of suicide attempts decrease after gender transition (Whittle et al., 2007; DeCuypere et al., 2006; Transgender Equality Network Ireland, 2012). Further research is clearly needed on the occurrence of all aspects of self-harm behavior, including suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and non-suicidal self-injury, in relation to gender transition and barriers to transition
Another common miscitation is the Karolinska Institute study.
Not only does the report not state what transphobe want it to, the study’s lead author has clarified her opinion on transitioning and transgender people and attempted to dissuade misinterpretation.
A common argument is that this study shows that transition increases suicide or that transition is ineffective
From the conclusion:
Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.
This part is cited to show that ‘transition increases suicide’. But these claims are entirely ignorant of what the study says. The study did not measure the change in suicide attempts/behavior before and after surgery, it only compared transgender people who had had GCS to the general population and concluded that they had a higher rate of suicidal behavior. This is, as before, a result of discrimination, transphobia, stigma, barriers in access to healthcare and lack of social support. Like the primary author says:
The aim of trans medical interventions is to bring a trans person’s body more inline with their gender identity, resulting in the measurable diminishment of their gender dysphoria. However trans people as a group also experience significant social oppression in the form of bullying, abuse, rape and hate crimes. Medical transition alone won’t resolve the effects of crushing social oppression: social anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress
What we’ve found is that treatment models which ignore the effect of cultural oppression and outright hate aren’t enough. We need to understand that our treatment models must be responsive to not only gender dysphoria, but the effects of anti-trans hate as well. That’s what improved care means.
Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.
Of course one surgery isn’t going to solve all of trans people’s problems. Systemic oppression isn’t washed away with only medical treatment. It’s something that has to be addressed at the societal level. Anti-trans activists use this portion to claim that ‘sex reassignment’ isn’t effective at improving well-being, but that isn’t what the study means:
People who misuse the study always omit the fact that the study clearly states that it is not an evaluation of gender dysphoria treatment. If we look at the literature, we find that several recent studies conclude that WPATH Standards of Care compliant treatment decrease gender dysphoria and improves mental health.
And TERFs and “Rad Fems” often use the study to claim that trans women are men because of the sections on ‘criminality’. Dhejne states:
The individual in the image who is making claims about trans criminality, specifically rape likelihood, is misrepresenting the study findings. The study as a whole covers the period between 1973 and 2003. If one divides the cohort into two groups, 1973 to 1988 and 1989 to 2003, one observes that for the latter group (1989 – 2003), differences in mortality, suicide attempts and crime disappear. This means that for the 1989 to 2003 group, we did not find a male pattern of criminality.
As to the criminality metric itself, we were measuring and comparing the total number of convictions, not conviction type. We were not saying that cisgender males are convicted of crimes associated with marginalization and poverty. We didn’t control for that and we were certainly not saying that we found that trans women were a rape risk. What we were saying was that for the 1973 to 1988 cohort group and the cisgender male group, both experienced similar rates of convictions. As I said, this pattern is not observed in the 1989 to 2003 cohort group.
The difference we observed between the 1989 to 2003 cohort and the control group is that the trans cohort group accessed more mental health care, which is appropriate given the level of ongoing discrimination the group faces. What the data tells us is that things are getting measurably better and the issues we found affecting the 1973 to 1988 cohort group likely reflects a time when trans health and psychological care was less effective and social stigma was far worse.
She further answers questions about transgender people in her 2017 AMA on /science for Trans Week of Science
Here is some additional information about transgender prisoners that indicates that 1 in 1250 prisoners are trans, well below the 0.6% population figure.
Another commonly miscited study is the 2004 British study that supposedly determines that gender confirmation surgery is ineffective. The study in reference is an update to a 1997 study and found that the newly published research on GCS was of low quality (only two studies had a control group and a dropout rate of less than 50%). And requiring double-blind controlled studies is unethical and impossible for research on GCS

Trans Youth

Myth #1: Kids Will Change Their Minds / The Desistance Myth

The desistance myth is one of the most frustrating arguments made against transgender children. It's all based off of some research that has some significant methodological flaws. Many of the individuals included in the studies did not identify as transgender (two studies had 90% of the participants identify as their assigned sex), some studies concluded that a respondent had desisted if they did not follow up (Steensma 2011 and Steensma 2013), and many included very small sample sizes. (All from this book and this study). There is more recent research indicating that more than 96% of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria continue to identify as transgender as adults. Even the flawed research indicates something far lower than the commonly repeated trope of 80-85%: Steensma 2013 (critiqued above) reports 16%. Wallien and Cohen-Kettenis 2008 and Ristori and Steensma 2016 have multiple weaknesses that render their conclusions useless, and Steensma 2010 is also flawed. This great study goes over numerous critiques of 4 main ‘desistance’ studies, and this one. A sort of review on the topic of trans children goes over the problems with desistance studies, goes over the research supporting affirmative care and the problems created when parents are not supportive
There are specific criteria to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria as a child.
The American Psychological Association's guidelines state:
The gender affirmative model supports identity exploration and development without an a priori goal of any particular gender identity or expression. Practitioners of the gender affirmative model do not push children in any direction, rather, they listen to children and, with the help of parents, translate what the child is communicating about their gender identity and expression. They work toward improving gender health, where a child is able to live in the gender that feels most authentic to the child and can express gender without fear of rejection.
There is a large body of researching indicating that gender identity is formed by the age of 3-5, possibly as early as 18 months, and that transgender children know what gender is, what they are identifying as and think of themselves as their gender identity:
Gender identity of transgender youth is deeply held and not the result of confusion. Transgender children view themselves as their expressed gender and are similar to cisgender children of their gender identity. (A more readable article). Transgender children develop similarly
Transgender teens that undergo gender reassignment do not62807-0/abstract) experience regret. And transgender children that underwent puberty suppression had decreased emotional and behavioral problems and increased general functioning, and all continued on to undergo hormone therapy
Transgender children endorse gender stereotypes less and see violations of gender stereotypes as more acceptable (Take THAT TERFs)

Myth #2: Kids "Are Rushed" Into Transition

This myth is based off of the faulty assumption that transgender youth under the age of 12 get some or any form of gender confirming surgery or hormone therapy. This is simply untrue. Common headlines like “4 year old youngest sex change” are masked in false claims and conflate social transition with surgery and hormones. The standard age for hormone therapy is 16 (Endocrine Society, Family court lawyers indicate that hormone therapy is typically attained at age 16, and the NHS recommends starting at 16 years of age). Research into ages of teens that being hormone therapy indicated a median age of 17.9 and 17.3 ranging from 13.3 to 22.3 years at one clinic and another clinic in Holland had mean age of initation of 16.4-16.7, with minimum ages ranging from 13.9-14.9. The typical minimum for GCS is 18 years of age (WPATH page 60, Unicare, and the ICD-10) and the lowest reported case is Kim Petras at 16. For chest reconstructive surgery, the mean age of surgery was 17.2, and only 3 patients were under 16 years of age.
Kids simply aren’t being rushed into transitioning.

Myth #3: Puberty blockers are harmful

This just simply isn't supported by the evidence. They are safe and not harmful to bone growth, and don't affect greater brain function. The few negative effects of puberty blockers do not change children's minds. Puberty blockers are also easily and permanently reversible, and this has happened successfully in the past before . No clinically significant effects on physiologic parameters were noted.
Both the Endocrine Society and WPATH recommend puberty suppression for transgender children.
Important evidence to consider is the evidence of the efficacy and safety of puberty blockers to treat children with precocious puberty. GnRH is safe in children with precocious puberty. There is no negative impact on bone mineral density or reproductive function and the treatment did not cause or aggravate obesity. Two years after therapy, bone mineral density and BMD scores for bone age and chronological age were normal, and percentage body fat reached normative values one year after treatment. Menstrual pattern was normal, BMD was normal after treatment, and hormonal values, ovarian and uterine dimensions were normal after treatment.. Long-term leuprorelin treatment had no effect on reproductive function. There is little to no evidence of long-term changes resulting from GnRH agonists. Psychosocial problems are improved with puberty blockers, as well as a reduction in loneliness and behavioral problems. Treatment has no effect on BMI
There is significant evidence that puberty blockers can improve children’s quality of life and in some cases, save children’s lives
A common argument about puberty blockers comes from TERFs and “GC” types, and sometimes from the right-wing (oh wait I already talked about them 😏) is that puberty blockers cause infertility. There is no risk of fertility from puberty blockers. If a child goes directly from puberty blockers to hormone therapy without going through ‘normal puberty’, that’s when it causes infertility. Puberty blockers themself cannot cause infertility.
Spack, however, is quick to point out that there is no risk of infertility from the hormone-blocking treatment alone. Infertility only comes when the hormone-blocking treatment is paired with Stage 2, the use of opposite-sex hormones. And so, Spack says, hormone blockers should really be seen simply as a treatment that gives families more time to think about what to do.
Trans youth are overwhelmingly given the option for fertility preservation when switching from puberty blockers to hormones

Myth #4: There is no need to transition

Gender dysphoria has been documented to harm mental health and create psychological distress. Social transition has been shown to ameliorate this distress and normalize mental health outcomes:
Well-being (of transgender children after puberty suppression) was similar to or better than same-age young adults from the general population.
Early transition virtually eliminates these higher rates of depression and low self-worth
Transition dramatically improves mental health among trans kids
Olson found that kids that transition have no elevation in depression and slight elevation in anxiety.
The younger one transitions, the fewer problems one will have
Adolescents who have gender confirmation surgery alleviate gender dysphoria and function psychologically and socially well, none having regrets
(TODO: Find Olson's new study that showed her previous research was flawed due to using parental data on child mental health and actually finds that anxiety is equivalent to that of the general population)
If any links are broken, I have any typos or any incorrect statements, please notify me in the comments. If a full article is inaccessible, use and if a full study/research article is inaccessible, use If you have studies to add or further information, feel free to chime in in the comments and I’ll add it to the post. If there are any topics you think I should cover, please ask.
Since this post is over 40,000 characters, I will have to finish it in the comments.
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Auburn experience wall of text (fancams included)

You can scroll down to fancam links if ya don't wanna hear my story. Also I talk about some topics that may be deemed inappropriate by some readers? LGBTQ stuff, so I don't know if the mods will decide to take this post down, honestly I'll be disappointed if they do because personally I don't deem any of what I will mention un-safe for work topics. FYI I swear a lot, I'll try to tone it down though..gimme a break my dad was a sailor..A lot of what I write is going to be about me at first, then the description of my experience traveling to the show and the show itself so you can skip down to that too.
For context - I'm a disabled, (rheumatoid arthritis, not like normal arthritis it's an auto-immune disease that effects all my joints making it painful to walk more than 5 minutes on a bad day) bisexual, pre-operations, post-testosterone therapy, transgender identified male, (very in touch with my femme side though) Canadian currently residing in Vancouver, jobless musician/film makewriter, oh and I'm really short (bout same height as Su?) and fat. I've had a really rough 5/6 years after suffering a very personal trauma which rendered me mentally in-capable of doing much (I'm much better now) plus my diagnosis of RA 4 years ago which then effed me up physically causing me to become even more in-capable of holding down a job. Basically I spent a long ass time lost and only just recently found a new way forward in my life. BTW for those who don't know much about the Transgender community and want more context I wrote an article for an online magazine you can check out here -- Also in terms of me being open about who I am, no I don't hide who I am and yes I can take the discrimination that comes with that. If you have questions you want to ask feel free to ask (if it's inappropriate PM me), I'm a genuinely open book. I keep my BM fandom on the down low on a daily basis (aside from close friends being mainly my roommates) because for the most part I participate in a community of people who are hyper-hypocrites. Every community can be hypocritical (don't get me started on metal heads who say BM isn't metal) but man the queers can be a pain. So the queer community, PC (politically correct) community, POC community (people of colour), punk community, anarchists, feminists, homeless peeps, etc are people I interact with on the daily. Point being not all but a lot of them would judge me for my love of BM, my best friend doesn't get why I love them but "puts up" with it and finally agreed to be my concert buddy and driver when I bought her ticket to this show. Also relevant I have a half brother who is pushing 50 and spent the first 16 years of MY life living in Japan, so I grew up somewhat influenced by that culture (learning how to use chopsticks at 4 years old) and hearing about the pros/cons of that culture. For further context I've known about/ listened to BM since they went viral in 2014, a fellow trans identified person who I went to high school with and shared the same love I have for a certain K-pop group (Girl's Generation shoutout) sent me a link to DDM. I love metal, I love Asian culture, I love crazy shit. Instant curiosity peak. Watched all their MVs, downloaded all the music they had out at the time and listened to their stuff on and off until last year when I was bored one day and went back to re-watch some old MVs and ended up seeing the new MV for Karate, which was instantly anthem like for me and I bought (actually paid money for) their new album. Didn't truly fall down the rabbit whole till this past Dec/Jan, now they are my obsession. I'm sure most of you know what I mean when I say BM is like an energy pill, they are literally healing to me. When I am depressed or emotionally/physically drained from either leaving my house to do anything or being an emotional labourer to all people I know (empaths whaddup), I shut myself in my room and watch BM which instantly puts a smile on my face.
And last of all for reals if I sound like I'm complaining-I'm not, I deal with my shit on the daily. I'm just giving ya'll context, if I complain I'll be sure to make that clear.
Now that you know enough about me to possibly understand more about my traveling experience, on to my story which begins several months ago. BM announces they be opening for Korn (my fav band when I was 12) around the west coast of Murica'. I gotta go see dat shit! I spend 500$ for two tickets in section 104 right behind the pit which ended up actually costing me around 640$ with the currency change over. First off that's more than my monthly rent and as I mention I don't currently have a job and am living off of an inheritance that is fast dwindling due how fuggin expensive it is to live in Vancouver. I WOULD have bought pit tickets if I thought that my body could handle standing for that long, which I know it can't. That covered I then convince my best friend to drive me down to the states (I can't drive) to see this metal festival with me which I paid for. Fast forward to last week when the hype and stress is really starting to kick in after my best friend spent a week in Idaho with her gf and me on Victoria island with my rents who came to visit with only a few days in between to reset energy levels for the trip to the show. I'm freakin out over all the new fancams from Palladium and the other shows, fighting the pressure I'm feeling to finish DIY recording my bands new album and booking/planning our own cross country tour and then stressing about everything being perfect for this 24 hour trip to see BM. Which is all incredibly draining for those of you who don't know what it's like to have general/social/car anxiety. So day of, morning (bout 10:30) we set off after hitting up the local library to print the tickets (had to pay to use the printer and had to get a library card too lol) hit the gas station to top up the oil and buy extra smokes (I'm sober but I'm a dirty smoker), cafe for breakfast sandwiches and coffee (tea in my case) and the drug store for ear plugs we finally head to the border. Soon realize it was good that I didn't wear my concert gear for the drive as there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was beating down, the car is lacking decent air conditioning so we keep the windows down the whole time. Rocking out to Lamb of God while we wait in line at the border, I was a bit taken aback but not overly surprised when it was our turn we didn't have any problems but it is just normal now for one patrolmen to just straight up open your trunk and go through all your shit while another person asks you the usual questions. Anyway what should have been about a 3 hour drive turned into about 5 hours of baking in the truck, with the border and random traffic/construction on the highway. Got a decent sunburn on one arm and was afraid of heat stroke, had to go to a gas station after the first few hours to take a break in the shade and get my head straight. We arrived at the super mall to take the shuttle where I got my BM shirt on and we headed over to the shuttle buses (which were actually just school buses) It's 5pm by this point and I'm starting to stress more about getting there on time plus I'm already exhausted from the trip and still sweating my figurative balls off. We da only ones on da bus and buddy doesn't know how long it will take to get to the venue (he actually said somewhere between 45 min to 3 hrs) and also that we won't be leaving till the bus is full. So my friend and I are contemplating wtf we should do when three other peeps get on the bus and they say it would only take 10 minutes tops to get there and they decide to just drive there instead of wait for more people because it's late already probably won't be many more people coming. They graciously decide to offer us a drive over as well and so away we go. My friend reveals I'm a die hard BM fan and other embarrassing facts about my obsession lol and we have a generally good time with these peeps, although when it's mentioned we are Canadian one of them made the comment that I've heard before "Canada is like America lite" which made my friend laugh but honestly the connotations of that are insulting. Also when my friend naturally slipped and added an "eh?" at the end of her sentence as we Canadians do and the Americans laughed and were like "You really say that?" yes...we really do. I do find it fun at this point to pull out the bastardized Canadian accent (like Bob and Doug Mckenzie) and do a few fav quotes that I hear from time to time back home in the maritimes like "Wanna go fer a rip bud?" "Oh aye, eh by's?" etc. Anyway we finally get there and get to our seats while the Pretty Reckless is still playing, realize I forgot our ear buds in the car and we say fuckit. At this point I start to regret not buying pit tickets after all because logically I could have just sat outside till BM's set and likely gotten 2nd row if not 1st with all the other front line kitsunes. I have kind of bad eye sight so I brought along my glasses which I never wear so that I don't have to squint to see the stage. Some younger dudes who sat right in front of us over heard me talking to my friend about BM and mentioned he'd seen them online and quickly educated himself before attending and was excited to see them play ( when the set ended he was on his feet cheering). So we just chilled and listened to the last of the pretty reckless set, then the take down/set up begins and I'm wondering if we can get into the pit so I'm asking around and buddies in front of us say you can with their special passes. They leave for a drink and my friend proposes we ask them for their passes to get into the pit just for the BM set which I decline because the first few rows are already starting to fill up and I know I can't handle that area if any moshing were to start slash I wouldn't be able to see shit because I'm so short. So we decide to stand at the bar a few rows in front of us where there are chairs and empty space for disabled people my friend being like "You're disabled so it's fine." I'm still kind of disappointed at this point because I know that I won't be getting any eye contact, soul sucking, kawaii smiles from Moa or Yui because even if they looked my way I wouldn't be able to see their faces clearly. Well the epic intro starts in so we go to stand at the rail and I'm feeling a combo of hype and sadness. Kamis come on and I get my phone out for the fancam and the girls come out and I shove my phone at my friend to film so that I can do some of the hand dancing stuff. We make it halfway through YAVA before security asks us to go back to our seats. At this point tbh I'm feeling kind of dejected because it really just felt like I was watching an HD fancam but from a distance, it would have felt more real if I was down there in the crowd going nuts with them in front of me. As opposed to sitting in a fairly empty area with people pretty much just calmly taking in what they were seeing for the first time. There was a great response between songs but the set ended up just being those same 6 songs they've been playing for the past week which I don't think is long enough for the audience to get properly introduced/into it. Anyway I filmed some clips from each song but not any songs fully because I did try to take in what was happening in front of my eyes, occasionally turning to my friend with a smile on my face. Singing the woah woah woahs during karate my voice cracking af. Then all too soon it was over. The BM blues immediately took over and we sat for a while before we both decided to walk out and get some food/have a smoke. Not too long till we decided to just peace outta there and get a jump start on the drive home slash try to find a lake that we could just strip naked and jump into because we were disgusting by that point. Took the shuttle back to the mall, tried to find the food court, failed because it's so massive and I couldn't walk that much. Found a little Asian restaurant and had some really good yakisoba, found a camp site and set off. I'll keep it brief now, ended up sleeping in the truck (that was the plan) just outside the gates of a camp site and woke up early on the road by 7am to get back home. Candian border patrol was faster and they didn't go through our shit. We arrived back and I passed the fuck out.
Now my honest review of the show, I haven't been to a "professional" music show since I was a teenager, for the past 8 years I've been going to house shows or very small music venues where other not well known bands play to small audiences. So for reals why do they play so freaking loud at these big concerts? I pretty much sound like an old person right now (I'm only 26 but you can call me oji-san) but holy frig, you'd have to be deaf to not be able to hear them from the back of the venue. Maybe it would have been different if I had my ear plugs but back in the day I used to frequent metal shows at a small ass venue (capacity like 50-100 MAYBE) sans ear plugs and whatever it was all good, so I guess I've changed. What I guess I would say to sum up my opinion is I would have preferred quality over quantity. I've noticed among musicians that in general they think it's a good idea that if they can't hear themselves they should just turn their volume up more. Disagree strongly. I couldn't distinguish the bass over the drums and all the instruments were drowning Su out and I felt it was a bit of a struggle to really get a clear, balanced vocal sound. It's weird, for whatever reason I can hear each instrument and Su's vocals more clearly in the videos I took, but live I could really only just hear the basic riffs. I now know why Su often strains her voice when singing live, although it IS necessary for her to put a certain amount of power behind her vocals to get the desired effect, she has to strain her voice to be heard over everything else! Opposed to the actual studio recordings where everything is perfectly balanced and her vocals are flawless. I don't know, I understand that loudness can give great energy to the crowd when you feel that sound in your chest but personally I just don't understand why you can't turn some shit down so it all blends better. Also side note - does anyone else notice that Yui and Moa's backing tracks actually kind of sound like that effect you used to use on your voice back in the day that would make you kind of sound like a chipmunk? You know what I mean?
Anyway I am genuinely sorry to those of you who hated reading this and I now will post my links to the fancams which I hope works. Overall I don't regret this trip, it's basically motivated me to become more physically healthy and financially stable so that I can just go to Japan and stand front row at a BM solo show. It'll probably take me a couple years to achieve that goal so wish me luck. Kitsunes up
YAVA! part 1 and 2 (you can hear my weird giggle at the beginning and me shoving my phone to my friend like "shut up and film!")
CMIYC Kami solo
Megitsune (apparently this video is blocked in some countries? dunno why)
GC ending + See you! (after they say see you and start walking off you can hear me curse cuz I really hoped they would play another song)
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[CONFLICT] Operation Baptism

[M] Note: TF CUITO CUANAVALE is currently around the Seychelles as part of Op. MUREZA
To Rear Admiral Dhanya Patel, Commanding Officer, Indian Ocean Fleet Command, South African Navy
In light of the French armed deployment to the Mozambique Channel and southwestern Indian Ocean, the President and the Union Council of the Southern Africa Development Community have ordered the immediate removal of hostile forces from the region and the replacement of the militaristic Parisian government in the region with one more amenable to the needs of the populace and to Gaborone.
As such, the Indian Ocean Fleet Command is hereby ordered to commence pacification operations against the French presence in Southern Africa and the surrounding region, alongside SADC and SANDF assets as deemed necessary by Gaborone. This will include the engagement and destruction of the French naval assets (intelligence confirms this to be 2x Horizon FII DDG) in transit towards the Mozambique Channel by Task Force CUITO CUANAVALE or airborne assets at your discretion, and the neutralisation of the Foreign Legion augmented company-strength unit redeployed at Mayotte.
Army battlegroups already pre-positioned in Madagascar have been assigned to your command, with further follow-up units available once the region is secured.
All armed individuals or groups are to be treated as lawful combatants, with all the privileges that entails. Any prisoners shall be kept for trial by civilian authorities at a later date.
You have your orders. Make it so.
Quote of the day: Speak softly, and carry a big stick.

Operation: Baptism

Good morning.
HIGHCOM and Gaborone have tasked us with removing the French presence from the Mozambique Channel and southwestern Indian Ocean. Standard ROE apply, and do try to avoid civilian casualties. Remember, this is not Kinshasa.
Phase 1
Before the first helicopters take off, UUV-45 unmanned submarines will be deployed via air (out the back of CC-153s flying at low altitudes) and sea (from SAS MASERU) to sever the undersea cables that link Réunion and Mayotte with the outside world. With communications cut off, the SADC will be able to prevent actionable intelligence from making its way to Paris - thus allowing Gaborone to present Op. BAPTISM as a fait accompli.
Meanwhile, the Iqela-eye cubesat constellations operated by the South African Air Force will be moved to keep an eye on the French naval base at Toulon, allowing Gaborone sufficient time to respond to any possible reinforcements or counterattacks following the operation.
Phase 2
6SAI Battlegroup under Lt. Col. Cordellia Mureza, attached to SAS PRETORIA, will be assaulting Réunion Island by air, with its rifle companies landing at Le Port and St.-Denis supported by a G7 artillery battery. With the island being for the most part barely being kept under control by local gendarme internal security forces, the sudden appearance of South African air cavalry and naval firepower is expected to for the most part bring its communes into compliance quickly. 6SAI Battlegroup will also be supported by an airmobile squadron from 5 Special Forces Regiment, being deployed via CC-151 Corona to St.-Denis airport.
MCSM Battlegroup under Lt. Col. Maurice Naika will be conducting an amphibious landing at Mamoudzou, with the veteran Malagasy 11ème Régiment légere (having served in Kinshasa) proving instrumental in clearing the city of Foreign Legion troops and gendarmes alike, before securing the rest of Grande Terre. They will be backed by a squadron from 4 Special Forces regiment, also landing via RHIB and trimaran cutters.
Meanwhile, Task Force CUITO CUANAVALE commanded by R.Adm. (J) Stephen Nyanga will be seeking out and destroying the two Horizon-Class FII DDGs en route to the Mozambique Channel, with recon provided by Bombardier 8000 Swordfish maritime patrol aircraft based out of SAAF Station Praslin (Seychelles) and SAAF Station Tananarive (Madagascar).
Throughout this operation, air cover will be provided by the SAAF assets stationed at TANANARIVE and HOEDSPRUIT, with FCA-1 Carvers acting as close air support and air superiority alike while Tu-22M3M bombers and EC-153 Shearwaters provide electronic warfare and support capabilities.
Phase 3
In order to deter any follow-up attacks attempting to dislodge our forces, additional A2AD assets will be rapidly deployed by air and sealift, while internal security units will also be airlifted in to suppress any lingering unrest and restore order. This security force will take the form of 10SAI, the Durban Regiment, and the 12ème Régiment légere in Réunion, and the 13ème Régiment légere, a company from the Comorian Armée nationale de développement, and the First City Regiment in Mayotte.
Any naval attack against the region will be met by a concerted barrage of ordnance from surface and airborne assets, thus achieving area denial from Durban to the Seychelles.
You have your orders. Make it so.
Rear Admiral Dhanya Patel, Commanding Officer, Indian Ocean Fleet Command, South African Navy & Commanding Officer, SADC Joint Command Madagascar

Order of Battle, Op. BAPTISM

Intelligence & Initial EW
Tasked against the French Navy
Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) Stephen Nyanga, Commanding Officer, SAS CUITO CUANAVALE, South African Navy
Vessel Class Type Pennant Number Notes
SAS Cuito Cuanavale Victory-Class Helicopter Destroyer D201 24x HAL Tejas Mk.2A/N multirole fighter, 2x GSCG Baaz Mk.1/R AEW tiltrotor, 8x Denel Gemsbok Mk.2 ASW helicopter
SAS Zulu Tribal-Class Air Warfare Destroyer D101 ABM-capable, Antarctic rated, 2x Denel Gemsbok Mk.2
SAS Tswana Tribal-Class Flight II Guided Missile Destroyer D106 ABM-capable, Antarctic rated, 2x Denel Gemsbok Mk.2
SAS Isandlwana Valour-Class Frigate F146 1x Denel Gemsbok Mk.2
SAS Galeshewe Warrior-Class Corvette C1004 1x Denel Gemsbok Mk.2
SAS Lion Predator-Class Attack Submarine S104 Electric
SAS Drakensberg II Drakensberg-Class Fleet Replenishment Ship A302 2x Denel Gemsbok

SAAF Station Praslin

Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
C Flight, 35 Squadron Maritime Patrol 20 2x Bombardier 8000/Saab Swordfish MPA

SAAF Station Tananarive

Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
B Flight, 35 Squadron Maritime Patrol 20 2x Bombardier 8000/Saab Swordfish MPA
Type Number
Bombardier 8000 Swordfish MPA 4
HAL Tejas Mk.2A/N multirole 24
GSCG Baaz AEW tiltrotor 2
Gemsbok medium-lift helicopter 2
Gemsbok Mk.2 ASW helicopter 14
Victory-Class "Helicopter Destroyer 1
Tribal-Class DDG 2
Valour-Class FFG 1
Warrior-Class corvette 1
Predator-Class SSK 1
Drakensberg-Class AOR 1
Tasked against Réunion

6SAI Battlegroup

Lt. Col. Cordellia Mureza
Note: assigned SAS PRETORIA, at anchor at TOAMASINA
These boys and girls march on to Ride of the Valkyries, being South Africa's premier air assault force. 48 SA Air Assault Brigade operates in tandem with air cavalry in the form of rotary-wing aircraft, with the brigade being equipped with the Rooivalk Mk.2 attack helicopter and Denel Gemsbok medium-lift helo. In the infrastructure-scarce wilderness of Subsaharan Africa, 48 Brigade allows for daring advances and a large zone of control that conventional footslogging or mechanised forces just can't keep up with. A coastal defence regiment with BrahMos III cruise missiles provides mobile A2AD capabilities for amphibious operations.
6SAI Battlegroup was selected primarily due to the lack of effective infrastructure in Madagascar, with its air cavalry role lending itself well to performing rapid reaction duties around the island's highland terrain.
Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
48 Headquarters Group Headquarters & Signals 120 Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton ANTANANARIVO
6 South African Infantry Battalion Air Assault 1000 80x Gecko ATV, 32x Anansi ASP Fire Support, 4x Anansi ASP Air Defence, Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton Regular Force, ANTANANARIVO
48 Artillery Battery Artillery 60 12x GV7 105mm Towed Howitzer Regular Force, ANTANANARIVO
201 Air Cavalry Battalion Rotary-Wing 600 12x Rooivalk Mk.2, 48x Denel Gemsbok Regular Force, ANTANANARIVO
A Squadron, 5 Special Forces Regiment Special Operations Forces 60 10x BAE Wasp, 3x Thales Scorpion Mortar Carrier, Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton Overland SF, PHALABORWA
Vessel Class Type Pennant Number Notes
SAS Pretoria Celtic-Class LHD L401 Embarked 6SAI Battlegroup
SAS Job Masego Warrior-Class Corvette C1005 1x Denel Gemsbok Mk.2
Type Number
Infantry 1,840
Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton 1,180
Gecko ATV 80
BAE Wasp IMV 10
Thales Scorpion mortar carrier 3
Anansi ASP Fire Support 32
Anansi ASP Air Defence 4
GV7 towed howitzer 12
Rooivalk Mk.2 attack helicopter 12
Gemsbok medium-lift helicopter 49
Celtic-Class LHD 1
Warrior-Class Corvette 1
Tasked against Mayotte

MCSM Battlegroup

Lt. Col. Maurice Naika
Note: attached SAS MASERU
Designed for sealift, the MCSM (Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius) Battlegroup is centred around a veteran Malagasy motorised infantry battalion with support elements provided by the smaller island nations.
Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
MCSM Battlegroup Headquarters Headquarters & Signals 120 ANTISIRANANA
11ème Régiment Light Infantry 1000 72x RG-31 Nyala MRAP ANTISIRANANA
1st CSF Helicopter Detachment Rotary-wing 60 2x Denel Gemsbok ANTISIRANANA
2 Platoon, SMF Engineer Company Combat Engineering 20 ANTISIRANANA
Maritime Logistics Detachment (SPDF) Combat Service Support 15 ANTISIRANANA
C Squadron 4 Special Forces Regiment Special Operations Forces 60 10x BAE Wasp, 3x Thales Scorpion Mortar Carrier, 3x Paramount Group 8.5m Guardian interceptor boat, 1x Paramount Group 42m Trimaran, Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton Seaward SF, SALDANHA BAY
Vessel Class Type Pennant Number Notes
SAS Maseru City-Class Landing Platform Dock L405 2x Denel Gemsbok
SAS Sotho Tribal-Class Flight II Guided Missile Destroyer D104 ABM-capable, Antarctic rated, 2x Denel Gemsbok Mk.2
Type Number
Infantry 1,275
Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton 60
RG-31 Nyala MRAP 72
Denel Gemsbok Medium-Lift Helo 6
BAE Wasp IMV 10
Thales Scorpion Mortar Carrier 3
Guardian RHIB 3
Trimaran 1
City-Class LPD 1
Tribal-Class Flight II DDG 1
Flying air cover & providing A2AD

SAAF Station Tananarive

Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
A Flight, 70 Squadron AEW&C 20 1x EC-153 Shearwater w/S/AEY-2 radar
6 Squadron Fighters 120 24x FCA-1 Carver SAAF Mod. IAI Lavi, 5th-generation multirole
C Flight, 26 Squadron Midair Refuelling 40 2x KC-153 Shearwater CC-153 outfitted in tanker role
A/B Flight, 131 Squadron Theatre Air Defence 120 2x Galahad-LR SAM/BMD
A Flight, 70 Squadron AEW&C 20 1x EC-153 Shearwater w/S/AEY-2 radar

AFB Hoedspruit

Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
12 Squadron Long-range strike, ASuW 60 6x Tu-22M3M 'Backfire C' Overhauled to SAAF standards, operating the Raptor IV ALSOW
25 Squadron Long-range strike, ASuW 60x 6x Tupolev Tu-22M3M 'Backfire C' Overhauled to SAAF standards, operating the Raptor IV ALSOW
36 Squadron Long-range strike, ASuW 180 12x NJ-37 Kaji AFB Hoedspruit
B Flight, 70 Squadron AEW&C 20 1x EC-153 Shearwater w/S/AEY-2 radar
Type Number
FCA-1 Carver 5th Gen Multirole 24
Tu-22M3M Bomber w/10x Raptor IV ALSOW each 12
NJ-37 Kaji Bomber w/10x Raptor IV ALSOW each 12
EC-153 Shearwater AEW&C 3
KC-13 Shearwater tankers 2
Galahad-LR Theatre-Level SAM/BMD 2 batteries
Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
10 South African Infantry Battalion Motorised Infantry 1000 72x Mkhosini AFV, Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton Regular Force, REUNION
First City Regiment Air Assault 500 Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton Reserve Force, MAYOTTE
Durban Regiment Motorised Infantry 500 Reserve Force, REUNION
12ème Régiment légere Motorised Infantry 1000 Organic trucks & light vehicles REUNION
13ème Régiment légere Motorised Infantry 1000 Organic trucks & light vehicles MAYOTTE
Comorian Coy. Light Infantry 120 MAYOTTE
51 Anti-Ship Regiment Coastal Defence 180 36x Galahad TEL w/HSSW-B hypersonic cruise missiles Regular Force, ANTISIRANANA
48 Anti-Ship Regiment Coastal Defence 120 24x Africa Truck TEL w/BrahMos-III cruise missiles Regular Force, MAYOTTE
Deployed via
Unit Type Number Equipment Notes
28 Squadron Strategic Airlift 240 12x CC-153 Shearwater AFB Waterkloof
29 Squadron Strategic Airlift 240 12x CC-153 Shearwater AFB Bloemspruit
60 Squadron Medium Transport & Refuelling 160 8x Airbus A400M Atlas
Type Number
Infantry 4,420
Isivikelo Combat Exoskeleton 1,500
Mkhosini AFV 72
HSSW-B hypersonic cruise missile w/TEL 36
BrahMos-III hypersonic cruise missile w/TEL 24
CC-153 Shearwater strategic airlifter 24
A400M Atlas medium airlifter 8
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Custom Music Playlists for BL2. I need your help.

Sorry for the slow Update, I worked a 14 hour day at work today (monday) so I got behind on updating. It should be caught back up now. Zero needs some love! Expand your horizon and find some soothing Asian inspired music to fill up his playlist!
I don't know if this is in bad taste or not but would this be Sidebar material?
So I had this idea of creating custom playlists for BL2 by character. A few good songs came to mind but my depth of musical interest is limited, I need Reddit's help.
I want to make (for now) 6 playlists. One for each character, themed to the character, and one general "over all" Borderlands themed playlist. Here is what I have so far.
Overall Borderlands Playlist: "Pandora" This theme is the main songs from the game with similar Rock and Indi songs. Youtube "Pandora" Playlist Here Cage the Elephant - Ain't no rest for the Wicked Cage the Elephant - Back against the Wall The Heavy - Short Change Hero The Heavy - How you like me Now DJ Champion - No Heaven Queens of the Stone Age - No one Knows Queens Of The Stone Age - 3's & 7's The Black Keys - Run Right Back Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit Spoon - The Way We Get By Mazzy Star -- Into Dust Tears for Fears -- Everybody Wants to Rule the World Scott H. Biram -- Blood, Sweat, and Murder Nina Simone -- Sinnerman (Felix da Housecat's House Remix) Mr. Scruff -- Get a Move On! The Beatles -- Helter Skelter Dave Matthews Band (Live in Chicago 12-19-1998) -- All Along The Watchtower Gorillaz -- Feel Good, Inc. Harvey Danger -- Cream and Bastards Rise Kasabian -- Stuntman The Verve -- Bittersweet Symphony AWOLNATION - Sail Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird
Salvador: His theme is Metal all the way. Salvador's Youtube Playlist Here Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills Judas Priest - Pain Killer Metallica - Master of Puppets Motörhead - "Ace of Spades" Iron Maiden - "Wicker Man" Manowar - "Battle Hymn" Mastodon - The Hunter Mastodon - Blood and Thunder Dillinger Escape Plan - Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants Dillinger Escape Plan - Milk Lizard Pantera - Cowboys From Hell Pantera - Domination Metallica - Battery Megadeth - Peace Sells Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot Enh�rjarna - Ride of the valkyries In Flames - My Sweet Shadow Metallica - All Nightmare Long Pendulum ft. In Flames - Self vs. Self DragonForce - Heroes of Our Time DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames Black Sabbath - Iron Man Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil System of a Down - B.Y.O.B Steve Ouimette - Devil Went Down to Georgia Finger Eleven - Good Times Avenged Sevenfold - Clairvoyant Disease
Axton: Axton is classic rock with Arena Rock, anything with a big sound Axton's Youtube Playlist Here Queen - We will Rock You / We are the Champions AC/DC - Highway to Hell AC/DC - Back in Black Aerosmith - Dream On Scorpions - Rock you like a Hurricane AC/DC - "Fire Your Guns" Judas Priest - "You Got Another Thing Comin'" Ozzy Osbourne - "I Don't Wanna Stop" Black Tide - Warriors Of Time The Police -- Demolition Man U2 -- Bullet the Blue Sky The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling Dropkick Murphys - Shipping up to Boston The White Stripes - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground The Dead Weather - Jawbreaker (Studio Version) Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama, Live Nashville AC/DC - Thunderstruck AC/DC - TNT AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill Warrant - Cerry Pie Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench Styx - Renegade Ram Jam - Black Betty The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love Tenacious D - Master Exploder Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Maya: Her theme is Techno with Dubstep. High energy with a lot going on. Maya's Youtube Playlist is Here Nero - Doomsday Comme Un Enfant by Yelle (CENOB1TE Remix) SubVibe-Burn (Fonik Remix) Skrillex - Bangarang (obligatory Skrillz) The Crystal Method - Name of the Game Apollo 440 - Ain't Talkin bout Dub Labrinth - Last Time(Knife Party Remix) Knife Party - Destroy Them With Lazers Knife Party - Bonfire Truxton - Bitch Clap Feed Me - One Click Headshot Daft Punk - Derezzed ( The Glitch Mob Remix ) The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It Justice - Phantom deadmau5 - Professional Griefers (featuring Gerard Way) Daft Punk - "TRON Legacy (End Titles)" The Planets - "Contradanza" David Garrett - "Asturias" Goldfrapp -- Utopia (Tom Middleton's Cosmic Vocal Remix) Caravan Palace -- Dramophone Goldfrapp -- Strict Machine Klute -- Talk Luba Klute -- Phone Call (Matrix Remix) Michiel Van Den Bos -- Foregone Destruction La Roux -- Bulletproof (Zinc Remix) Benny Benassi -- Come Fly Away (Adam K and Soha Remix) Brookes Brothers -- Tear You Down The Need for Speed SE Soundtrack -- Chronos Faithless -- Insomnia Makoto & MC Conrad -- The Golden Girl Pendulum -- Girl in the Fire Sub Focus -- Could This Be Real PRAY - Alvin Risk Ft. Jason Aalon Butler Savant - Ocarine (Original Mix) Coldplay - Fix You (Jakob Liedholm's Ibiza Mix) Omnitica - Bumpy Ride (Re-mastered) Shock One - Polygon Linkin Park - Wretches and Kings
Zer0: The assassin's soundtrack is a break from the rest in tempo and style. His list is much more soothing songs with Asian instruments and artists or inspiration. There is a ton of movie sound tracks that fit this but I wanted to avoid them in favor of actual artists, unfortunately my knowledge of this kind of music is limited. Zer0's Youtube playlist is Here Yoshida Brothers - Kodo (Inside the Sun Remix) Yoshida Brothers - Storm (TM Mix) Nujabes - Counting Stars Thomas-Adam Habuda - KuruKuruKuru Kaskade (feat. Mindy Gledhill) - Eyes (Original Mix) Telepopmusik - breathe DJ Okawari - Bluebird Story (feat. Jumelles) Ayur - "Path of the Wind (Ghibliness Reprise Mix)" Ft. Ness Blazo - Rain of Love Kondor - "Downpour" Feat. Senpai TOKiMONSTA - Cigarette Lust Tobacco - Unholy Demon Rhythms nsfw-ish video Deadmau5 - Strobe deadmau5 - There might be coffee (Cover Art) deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin Omnitica - Infinite Mystery Bastion Soundtrack - Setting Sail, Coming Home Aphex Twin - Xtal
Gaige: Obviously her list is going to be all punk. I'm pulling these from the names of her Skins. Gaige's Youtube playlist is Here Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the name The Resistance - Cherry Bomb (cover) Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia Social Distortion - Ball and Chain New Order - Blue Monday Green Day - Brain Stew Atari Teenage Riot - Speed Against Me! - "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" Social Distortion - "Machine Gun Blues" Rise Against - "Injection" The Hives - Die, All Right! The Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK The Suicide Machines -- New Girl Operation Ivy -- Freeze Up Pearl Jam -- Once The Fall of Troy -- F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X Gorillaz -- White Light Led Zeppelin -- Babe I'm Gonna Leave You M.I.A -- Born Free R.L Burnside -- Let My Baby Ride The White Stripes -- Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine The Used- All That I've Got Mayday Parade - Three Cheers for Five Years Green Day - Horseshoes and Handgrenades My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay Blink-182 - Dammit Blink -182 Rock Show Sum 41 - All She's Got Sum 41 - Makes No Difference
This has really taken off, thanks everyone! I have and am in the process of making Youtube playlists of all the entries and I am updating them as I update this list.
Here is the Playlist collection on my Playlists page (this is the only thing there).
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[XBOX][H] Grey Photons & Orange Veloce [W] To Give Them Away

With the recent giveaway by Gek_Lhar and the generosity of valkarez to split the giveaway, I've decided to give away Grey Photons & Orange Veloce. I know, they're not crazy items, but it's what I have to give away. The trading on this community has become pathetic, where people are picky over 1 single crate (cough cough Knightmur with his stacked inventory). Go to a retail store and act nicely to everyone, if not just the cashier, and I guarantee that if you tell them you're $1 short, they'll make it work.
I've got what I want for now, from wheels to BMDs, so I've decided to throw some stuff into the feeding frenzy that is /RocketLeagueExchange. But remember this, remember all the giveaways next time you're saying "1 more C4 and we have a deal" in a trade opportunity. NOW ONTO THE GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway Question: Sports/Movie Trivia Edition.

There is an island off the coast of California that the Chicago Cubs has held their Spring Training for a summer. The same island was used in a movie (Step Brothers) released in 2008, where the "largest helicopter leasing event" took place. What is the name of the island? (Winner gets Grey Photons!)
Hint: Por Ti Volare was sung with only one instrument played behind it during Brennan Huff's company's helicopter leasing event. Bonus question: What instrument was it/What shirt was being worn by the person playing? (Winner [of either Bonus Questions] gets Orange Veloce!)
Another hint will drop (with the title of the movie) after 10 minutes of no correct answers! Hint is in body!
Same person cannot win both.
-Mod Approve/Supplied lol. No Crimson Lightning owners, sorry hoodyh000o.
RocketLeagueTrades81 has claimed the Grey Photons! Taken! LoQtisOfBorg has claimed the Orange Veloce! Taken!
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[TECH] Dreadnought 2050

The accession of the United Kingdom into AAMCO has brought Canada closer to the nation than ever before. A collection of naval development proposals have been put forwards, and we will begin immediately, hoping to expand Commonwealth ties through a deeply-integrated military industrial complex.

Dreadnought 2050

The Australian-Canadian-UK UXV Combatant was a tremendous success, acting as a powerful, integrated Command Ship, capable of communicating with all branches of the military and coordinating a complicated assault. The Dreadnought 2050 Program will bring that concept further, creating a warship capable of tremendous firepower and connectivity, pushing the doctrine of a Command Squadron, composed of 2-3 UXV Combatant Vessels and a Dreadnought 2050 Vessel, able to lead multinational fleets and dispense tremendous damage.
The Dreadnought 2050 Program will introduce a vessel capable of deploying both underwater and aerial drones, as well as an advanced additive manufacturing suite permitting customization of these smaller units. A number of new technologies will be premiered on the Dreadnought 2050, to serve as the ultimate warship of following decades.
Statistic Information
Displacement 9,000 tonnes, empty
Length 170 m
Beam 24.8 m
Draft 6.2 m
Hull Trimaran Tumblehome hulls with Grafold-carbon Nanotube plating and Carbon Nanothread Coating
Powerplant and Propulsion He-3 Fusion Reactor with 3x 190MW P&WC/BAE IEP Engines with Azimuth Thrusters
Speed 45 kt
Endurance Effectively Unlimited
Crew and Complement 45 crew, heavily automated, holds up to 500 marines including exoskeletons and body armor
Armament 4x CMEM-256MJ Railguns, 45-cell Deerfox VLS, 6x GreyShark Mark II Torpedo tubes, 6x Ursa II CIWS, 2x 60MJ KKV BMD Systems
Air Complement 8x LAMPS-Sized Helicopters + 12x UAV
Naval Complement 12x AUV + 6x AUSV
Electronic Warfare BAE D50 Electronic Warfare Suite, RCN/EW-4 Torpedo decoys, Poseidon-4500 AED
Sensors and Command Systems Type 300 Fire Control system, BAE Saturn-class UAV/AUV 3-way datalink [naval, air, satellite], AUSV Command and Control Link, Holographic Information Display System, Canadian Shield Missile Defense System mk III, BAE HFSS+Aerial Search Radars, BAE 800 element AESA L-Band radar, BAE Mark 50 SRBOC, SIPES Command System, BAE 10,000 element X-band Radar, SBA Command and Control Link, BAE-RCN Hull Integrated Sonar System [HISS], BAE Integrated Photonics Mast, Leonardo Combat AI System
In-Ship Manufacturing BAE-HBC 3D Manufacturing Suite For UAV/AUV Configuration By Mission
Cost per Ship $2.8bn
Development Cost and Time $20bn, Complete 2050
Advanced Carbon Materials - Throughout the Dreadnought 2050 Program, Canada and the United Kingdom will be investigating the use of Grafold and Carbon Nanothread in military applications, particularly next generation armors.
He-3 Fusion Reactor - As the AAMCO Space Program wraps up in the late 2040s, the He-3 Fusion Reactor will be a scaling system developed to power vessels, cities, and even entire nations. In this case, long duration and extreme energy outputs make it ideal for the Dreadnought 2050 Program.
Railgun Advancements - As China has moved towards 250 MJ railguns by 2047, Canada and the UK will aim for similar goals, hitting 128 MJ by 2043 [replacing all railgun systems aboard Destroyers, Frigates, and the UXV Combatant Vessels], and 256 MJ [Also adopted by all Destroyers, Frigates, and the UXV Combatant Vessels] by 2047, eventually hitting 512 MJ by 2050. Research will also involved study into ultracapacitors using advanced materials, to hold tremendous amounts of energy, and make powerful infantry exoskeleton systems more viable.
GreyShark Mark II Torpedo tubes - A new class of torpedo tube, meant to accommodate supercavitating torpedoes, and maintain a datalink between launched torpedoes and the GreyShark computer, confirming hits, and continuously receiving radar information from launched torpedoes.
BAE D50 Electronic Warfare Suite - Specifically designed for the Dreadnought 2050 program, this EW Suite is focused on blocking any opposing electronic warfare, particularly that coming from "growler"-type aircraft, or any viruses that seek to wreak havoc with military command and control. Isolation protocols make sure that any cyberattacks will not compromise the integrity of a fleet led by this vessel, while blocking any efforts to scramble radar or communications.
RCN/EW-4 Torpedo decoys - Upgrades to current systems, emitting new sonar signals mimicking that of a stealth ship like the Zumwalt Cruiser, to make advanced torpedoes more likely to home in on the system as opposed to the vessel itself. The RCN/EW-4 Torpedo Decoy is usually towed, but can also be deployed separately.
Poseidon-4500 AED - Similar to the Nettuno-4100 ECM system, the Poseidon-4500 Active Electronic Defence system is a 0-warmup system meant to emit jamming signals to aircraft, missiles, and other vessels by interfering with datalinks, radar, and sonar. Similar to a jamming pod on board an electronic warfare aircraft, the Poseidon-4500 has a tremendous amount of energy to draw upon, and can easily out-compete opposing ECM systems.
Type 300 Fire Control system - Employing lessons learned during Project Prometheus, the Type 300 Fire Control System is capable of far more nuanced identification of enemy vessels and aircraft.
BAE Saturn-class UAV/AUV 3-way datalink - A datalink system forging a strong connection between several modes of communication, so if one is blocked out, UAVs and AUVs deployed from the Dreadnought 2050 are still able to function. Works with the BAE D50 Electronic Warfare Suite to create an encoded and nigh invulnerable signal to automated units.
Canadian Shield Missile Defense System mk III - The new CSMD System is integrated with railgun KKVs, and is meant to provide an all-around detection with a wide variety of radar systems, ensuring that AShMs and other missiles are dealt with by defensive systems before striking. Connection to Satellite Constellations is instrumental in providing the mk III with first-response capability.
BAE HFSS+Aerial Search Radars, BAE 800 element AESA L-Band radar, BAE 10,000 element X-band Radar - All radars meant to provide complete awareness of the surrounding area, and broadcast an in-depth map of the situation to other fleet ships, and central command stations. Integrated closely with missile defense systems and fire control systems, these radars ensure that the greatest possible view of the battlefield is provided.
BAE Mark 50 SRBOC - A new chaff system, simply another countermeasure, though flares now have some degree of self-maneuverability, further confusing missiles targeting the vessel.
SBA Command and Control Link - This is a datalink that helps integrate the vessel with Sea-Based AESA radar systems deployed by the UK and Canada within the framework of AAMCO, helping to steer and direct them, as well as collect any information that they might be receiving faster than if the information first had to be processed by a command station in the UK or Canada.
BAE-RCN Hull Integrated Sonar System [HISS] - Next generation hull-based synthetic aperture sonar system, providing an extremely clear view deep into the water. The HISS also features twin inverted pulse sonar, helping to provide a clear image in bubbly or obstructed water.
BAE Integrated Photonics Mast - An optronic mast system meant to detect any hints of radiation sent off by air and surface craft.
Leonardo Combat AI System - With the 6-year development period for a standard AI almost complete, the Leonardo Combat AI will be a venture to employ the system as a means of collecting and processing combat data and information, to help create the optimal deployment pattern, and notice trends or patterns where others wouldn't, while managing the weapons systems of the ship in the optimal way.
BAE-HBC 3D Manufacturing Suite - A revolutionary system that will help tailor UAVs and AUVs to specific missions, whether reconaissance, strike, or stealth-oriented, by creating small modifications to a vessel once it enters the system. Additionally the 3DMS will be able to repair any damaged units, should they be able to return to the Command Vessel.
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Kalibrasi Volumetrik Enclosure & Beberapa Instrumen Analitik LIPI Lampung - BMD Laboratory Strange musical instrument in Clay Tunnel Dalat - YouTube B.M.D - North Weezie (Instrumental) Beat Instrumental 2/Kaiser Vs Sub/BDM DELUXE 2018 ... Duwayne Holmes - Instrumentals BMD (beats of mass destruction)

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. PubMed® comprises more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites. Die bmd GmbH konnte sich in der Ausschreibung, bei der auch andere Software und Dienstleister bewertet wurden, vor allem durch eine passgenaues Leistungspaket durchsetzen. Aufwand-Nutzen, Verfügbarkeit, Reaktionszeiten und Kommunikation waren Kriterien, die für den Bereich des Rechnungswesen stark gewichtet wurden. Geplanter Start war der 01.01.2015, zur Umsetzung standen also keine 2 1⁄2 ... A BMD test measures your bone mineral density and compares it to that of an established norm or standard to give you a score. Although no bone density test is 100-percent accurate, the BMD test is an important predictor of whether a person will have a fracture in the future. The T-score . Most commonly, your BMD test results are compared to the bone mineral density of a healthy young adult ... Das KBP Instrument Design Bureau bietet einen Ein-Mann-Turm, den Kliver-Turm, mit einer stabilisierten 30-mm-Kanone 2A72, vier Kornet ATGM-Werfern, thermischen Visieren, einem koaxialen 7,62-mm-PKT-Maschinengewehr und einem verbesserten Feuerleitsystem . Sekundärbewaffnung. 30 mm AGS-17 Granatwerfer. 5.45 RPK Squad automatische Waffe. Beide oben genannten Waffen sind am vorderen BMD-3 ...

[index] [1710] [338] [544] [4932] [2247] [106] [5465] [2219] [3930] [7439]

Kalibrasi Volumetrik Enclosure & Beberapa Instrumen Analitik LIPI Lampung - BMD Laboratory

Record it in the clay tunnel ,dalat city. (I don’t know what it is Dirty Danger - Misty Cold (Instrumental) - Duration: 3:11. YesItsVetzHD 78,307 views. 3:11. 50+ videos Play all Mix - B.M.D - North Weezie (Instrumental) YouTube; Kamikaze ... follow me on Instagram📷: Español ⚫️ Beats de 5 o 10 Minutos ⚫️ subida cada viernes , Los Sábados o Domingos ⚫️ ... bmd, bmd gauge , bmd gage , 내경검사,내경측정, 자동화 내경측정 INSTRUMENTAL AFROBEAT - AFRICAN DRUMS (Free+FLP) - Duration: 5:56. BMD PRODUCTION (Officiel) 6,121 views. 5:56 (FREE) Lo-fi Type Beat - Rain - Duration: 3:50. Lee Recommended for you. 3:50 [FREE ...